NFL Week 14 | Picks & Predictions

This is a boring slate of games, man oh man. Fresh off an 11-3 week improving my record to 121-72-1 I feel great coming down the final stretch of the season. But as I stated, this is a bad slate of games so I might not be as elaborate in my reasoning for my picks as I see a lot of these games as huge mismatches. Let’s see if I can stay hot and let’s get to my Week 14 picks for this week.

Thursday Night Game

First look: Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings odds and lines

Pittsburgh (6-5-1) at Minnesota (5-7)

So we start the week with the two teams who couldn’t even beat the Detroit Lions. I can tell you I most likely won’t watch this game. The Vikings tend to win games they shouldn’t and lose games they should win. This is a game, especially coming off a loss to Detroit, that Minnesota should lose. Which is exactly why I think they win. Make sense? Yeah, me either. But I’m rolling Vikings anyway.

Winner: Vikings 20-17

Sunday Afternoon Games

NFL Scores Week 14, Falcons Vs. Panthers: Atlanta Comes Back For 31-23 Win  Against Cam Newton, Carolina -

Atlanta (5-7) at Carolina (5-7)

I trust Matt Ryan over Cam Newton. Simple as that. Both teams aren’t good but I’m going with the Falcons.

Winner: Falcons 23-17

Photos: Week 14 - Ravens at Browns Game Action

Baltimore (8-4) at Cleveland (6-6)

Toss up game. Heads for Browns, tails for Ravens. Heads it is. Let’s go Nick Chubb. Keep throwing those interceptions, Lamar.

Winner: Browns 21-20

Seahawks vs. Texans odds, Week 14: Opening betting lines, points spreads  plus early movement for NFL matchup - DraftKings Nation

Seattle (4-8) at Houston (2-10)

Yawn. Who is actually going to tune into this? Not me. Seattle will win though. The Texans need to keep losing so they can get the number one pick in the NFL Draft next year.

Winner: Seattle 26-12

Chiefs nearly double-digit favorites over Raiders in Week 14

Las Vegas (6-6) at Kansas City (8-4)

The Chiefs defense deserves some love. They are playing very very well as of late. I think they keep it up and they put pressure on Derek Carr and this Raiders offense. Mahomes does need to pick it up if they wanna make a run in the AFC bt for this week he does just enough as they take complete control of the AFC West.

Winner: Chiefs 28-17

New York Jets vs New Orleans Saints Betting Odds and Pick December 17 2017|  Odds Shark

New Orleans (5-7) at New York Jets (3-9)

It’s the Saints and Jets. You know the drill, no chance I pick the Jets. I don’t care who the Saints quarterback is. Saints win.

Winner: Saints 23-10

Titans vs. Jaguars predictions for Week 14

Jacksonville (2-10) at Tennessee (8-4)

As much as I’d love to see a Jaguars upset, it won’t happen. They have given up on the season. Tennessee rolls.

Winner: Tennessee 31-16

Dallas vs. Washington 2019 Week 17 game day live thread IV - Blogging The  Boys

Dallas (8-4) at Washington (6-6)

This is a game that should actually be good. Washington is playing better lately but Dallas is getting healthy, especially on defense. This game is a one-possession game to me. A late drive in the fourth quarter with a game-winning field goal for Dallas is what I see here as they will get one step closer to locking up the NFC East.

Winner: Cowboys 27-24

Sunday Evening Games

Denver Broncos vs. Detroit Lions betting odds for Week 14 - Mile High Report

Detroit (0-10-1) at Denver (6-6)

Detroit beat Minnesota and got their first win of the year. I don’t see them going to Denver and winning against a Denver team who needs a win to stay in the loaded AFC Playoff race. Denver wins easily.

Winner: Denver 24-10

Giants vs. Chargers odds, Week 14: Opening betting lines, points spreads  plus early movement for NFL matchup - DraftKings Nation

New York Giants (4-8) at Los Angeles Chargers (7-5)

I hate the Giants roster and they just aren’t good. Guess who I am picking? Yeah, another short and to-the-point pick. Chargers win.

Winner: Chargers 31-13

NFL moves 49ers vs. Bengals to late-afternoon window; ex-coach Kwan dies

San Francisco (6-6) at Cincinnati (7-5)

I have no godly idea who to pick here. The 49ers are coming off a loss to an awful Seattle team and the Bengals have a hurt quarterback. So, reluctantly, I am going with Jimmy G and the 49ers with zero confidence. Yolo right?

Winner: 49ers 22-19

Buffalo Bills vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers picks, odds NFL Week 14 game

Buffalo (7-5) at Tampa Bay (9-3)

As a Patriots fan, I need Buffalo to take a loss here. It doesn’t help that Tom Brady is playing well, Buffalo is on the road and I don’t think Buffalo can stop all the Bucs weapons. For all those reasons I am rolling with my boy Brady to keep pushing to try to get that top seed in the NFC.

Winner: Tompa Bay 27-17

Sunday Night Game

Bears vs. Packers Prediction, Odds, Against Spread and Over/Under for NFL Week  14

Chicago (4-8) at Green Bay (9-3)

Another bad game. I mean can anyone give me a reason to pick the Bears? Anyone? Anyone? Thought so. Rodgers has a big day as he continues to own the Bears. Why did they not flex Buffalo vs Tampa here? Pack win.

Winner: Packers 30-14

Monday Night Game

Rams vs. Cardinals odds: LA is 2.5-point underdog in Week 14

Los Angeles Rams (8-4) at Arizona (10-2)

Am I the only one who feels the Cardinals have still been overlooked even though they have the best record in the NFL? If they win this game the division is pretty much locked up and winning this could kill off some more of the doubters. I just don’t know what to make of this Rams team. They are too up and down for me. I trust Arizona more therefore they are my pick in a good Monday night game.

Winner: Cardinals 33-24

Byes: Indianapolis, Miami, New England, Philadelphia

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NFL Game Picks: Week 14

Hi, I am here to give my picks for every NFL football game this season. My game picks will be straight picks with no spread. Let’s see how well I do by season’s end, see how your record compares to mine. I went 7-7 last week and my overall record is now 117-76-1 on the season. Here are my picks for Week 14 and be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Thursday Night Football Game

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Minnesota Vikings

The Steelers win over the Ravens was the most satisfying win of 2021 -  Behind the Steel Curtain

Winner: Steelers 23-18

Early Sunday Football Games

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Glenn Clark's 2021 NFL Power Rankings: Week 14 -

Winner: Ravens 28-7

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Scores, Stats and  Standings

Winner: Titans 21-18

Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

5 reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs will go 19-0 this season

Winner: Chiefs 24-10

New Orleans Saints @ New York Jets

Saints designate DT Malcolm Roach to return from IR, then waive him

Winner: Saints 22-6

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Football Team

Washington vs. Raiders betting odds: Week 13 moneyline, spread | RSN

Winner: Football Team 20-16

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

Falcons vs Panthers Prediction, Odds, Spread, Over/Under & Betting Trends  for NFL Week 14 Game on FanDuel

Winner: Falcons 27-24

Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans

Fantasy football: Don't buy into Seahawks bouncing back

Winner: Seahawks 30-11

Sunday Afternoon Football Games

Detroit Lions @ Denver Broncos

Sports Illustrated Mile High Huddle: Denver Broncos News, Analysis and More

Winner: Broncos 17-14

New York Giants @ Los Angeles Chargers

NFL Standings: Where Chargers stand in playoff picture after Week 13

Winner: Chargers 46-28

San Francisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals

49ers vs Bengals Prediction, Odds, Spread, Over/Under & Betting Trends for  NFL Week 14 Game on FanDuel Sportsbook

Winner: Bengals 26-23

Buffalo Bills @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ridiculous roughing the passer call nearly cost Patriots against Bills

Winner: Bills 33-30

Sunday Night Football Game

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers: The toe is improving and we'll see how it feels later in the  week - ProFootballTalk

Winner: Packers 31-17

Monday Night Football Game

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

NFL Power Rankings Week 14 | What Are the Latest Team Power Rankings 2021

Winner: Cardinals 34-20

These are my picks for Week 14. Please comment to let me know your thoughts. If you would like me to explain a pick please let me know and I would be happy to explain. Thank you. Let’s continue to enjoy another football season.

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Five Dumbest Serial Killers

Whenever the sun sets and blankets the land in darkness, we lie to our children. We tell them there are no such things as monsters and no one will try to hurt them. We all know this is not true. There are some deranged killers that enjoy bringing pain to the innocent. These people are serial killers.

Not much is known about these sociopathic humans except the myth that surrounds them. Many people get their knowledge from shows they watch at home. Series’ like Bates Motel, Hannibal, Dexter, and Her to name a few. These stories most often have the killers portrayed as very intelligent, patient and resourceful. In true life however, it’s more like a Benny Hill soundtrack running all the time. Even the most brilliant among these people still make stupid everyday mistakes. In fact, serial killers range from Ivy League caliber to downright buffoons. Self-defeating habits or a failure to plan wisely have brought many a criminal to justice. Here are the top five dumbest ways serial killers have been caught.

Ted Bundy (1946-1989)

Too Close to Ted Bundy | The New Yorker

Ted Bundy was a serial killer who kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and murdered numerous young women during the 1970s throughout five different states. Don’t let the Zac Efron film fool you, he was not a good guy. He left very little evidence at the scene of the crimes and chose his victims at random to not be caught. As described later, a very charismatic and meticulous man, he was very hard to track and nail down. Luckily for law enforcement, he also was quite the panicker. 

On August 16th, 1975 Bundy, after scouting a future location, saw a patrol car driving by and quickly fled the area at high speed not realizing the car was just on a routine patrol. The police officer had no choice but to pursue and pull over. After looking inside the car, he found handcuffs, trash bags, an ice pick, crowbar, rope, and a ski mask made out of pantyhose. When asked about the ski mask, Ted Bundy replied, “I use it for skiing of course.”  Fortunately, this Police department wasn’t from The Simpsons and promptly arrested Ted Bundy. 

Arthur John Shawcross (1945-2008)

Inside The Mind Of Arthur Shawcross, The 300-Pound "Genesee River Killer"

Arthur Shawcross, also known as the Genesee River Killer, was an American serial killer active in Rochester, New York. Convicted early in his grizzly career, Arthur was sentenced to 25 years for the killing of a 10-year-old. A huge blunder for the justice department was made and he was deemed not a threat to anyone and released early after serving only 14 years. This proved disastrous for the next 12 women he slayed. It’s detectives of Monroe county, were in dire straits trying to figure out the modus operandi of this serial killer.

It was only when retired detective Robert Keppel told them they were giving this moron too much credit, that they finally caught Arthur. They waited at a scene where a body was dumped and found Arthur urinating on the exact same spot of a previous search. Later after being put on helicopter surveillance, they photographed Shawcross eating lunch over the body of one of his victims. He was convicted and spent the rest of his life in prison. Proving that sometimes you shouldn’t look for Albert Einstein, you should be looking for Abbott and Costello.

Peter Goebbels (Born 1961)

Born in Berlin, Germany, Peter Goebbels was a very elusive murderer. Through the course of 2 years, four women were found to be choked to death, with very little evidence. Even after a couple of witnesses saw some fighting in alleys, nothing could point to the identity of the strangler. It seemed Peter would never be caught – until he dropped his ID card at the murder scene. In a scene out of true romance, Goebbels accidentally dropped his ID in the scuffle and fled down the road. The police soon started questioning him and found out that all of the murders took place on his days off from work. Shortly thereafter, Peter was arrested and spent the rest of his life in prison. Where I can only assume that he constantly dropped his food tray and was nicknamed Butterfingers.

Dennis Nilsen (1945-2018)

Des: what happened to Dennis Nilsen? | HELLO!

Dennis Nilsen, aka the Muswell Hill Murderer, was a Scottish serial killer and necrophile who murdered at least 12 young men between 1978 and 1983 in London. Dennis would lure these men with guile into his apartment and then he would kill them by strangulation or drowning. Nilsen would love to keep the corpses of the men he killed. He would store them in his apartment, but never was found out. He would use deodorants and would even burn the bodies in the nearby garden and cover the smell of attire while the neighborhood would gather around afterwards, none to the wiser. Who knows how long he would have gone uncaught if not for him becoming lazy.

Dennis had recently moved to a new apartment on the third floor. He could no longer move his bodies downstairs so instead decided to try to flush the remains down the toilet. After a few weeks, he wrote a letter to the landlord that the drains were becoming blocked, noting that the situation for both himself and the tenants was becoming intolerable. Obliging Mr. Nilsen, a plumber was sent and flesh and bones were found in the apartment’s drains. The police were called and the homes were searched. The rest of his victims remains were found in his apartment shortly after. Dennis confessed and spent the rest of his life in prison. Luckily, for a murderer that was on the loose for 5 years, no one told him, you shouldn’t flush a tampon down the toilet let alone your neighbor.

Dennis Rader (Born in 1945)

BTK killer Dennis Rader tells all in unheard interview for doc: 'It's a  demon that's within me' | Fox News

Dennis Rader, aka the BTK Killer, was an American serial killer who between 1974 and 1991, killed 10 people in the Wichita, Kansas area. Rader sent taunting letters to police and newspapers, describing the details of his crimes. He became so confident in talking to the media, that he would even denounce claims that some kills weren’t his and were actually a copycat. 30 years after the first string of murders began, the case was considered too cold. With no real leads and not enough evidence, they were afraid that the BTK Killer had escaped their grasp.

That is until he started mailing letters to them again. Wanting to keep up the conversation in the new era, Dennis asked the investigators, if sending information through a floppy disk could be traced. Much like Grandpa not knowing how AOL works. The investigators were surprised by the question, and responded that he could send that in and not be found. Dennis Rader was soon apprehended, after authorities used the floppy disk to trace him back to his home. From there, the amount of evidence was monumental. When arrested, he was curious how he had been found out. 

When it was revealed that it was the floppy disk, Dennis Rader said, “But I thought you said you couldn’t trace those. Why would you lie?” appearing to be completely surprised that law enforcement would cheat to catch him. Surprised by his weird morals, the detective responded, “Because you were hurting people.” He didn’t understand. So just remember, even terrible monsters would never look at your board, when you went to the bathroom during a game of battleship.

Josh’s Jams | Week of December 5th

We are into December and we are inching closer to Christmas. It’s the time of year I normally am happy and looking forward to the holidays but this year is different. I am leaning on my friends and family to help get me in the mood for the holidays. This segment of #JoshsJams, as usual, is all over the place. Be sure to comment at the bottom of the page and let me know what you think and help me get into a better mood. Have a good week everyone.

10) Justin Bieber – Ghost

9) Lukas Graham – 7 Years

8) Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

7) Alice in Chains – Man in the Box

6) Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love

5) Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)

4) Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are U Now featuring Justin Bieber

3) Def Leppard – Love Bites

2) Taylor Swift – All Too Well

1) Olivia Rodrigo – Traitor

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Buzz Traxx | Week of Dec 5

#BuzzTraxx presents you with the Top 10 music tracks of the week based on the #Billboard Hot 100 Charts. We’ll give you the hottest hits to keep your musical appetite satisfied!

1 | Adele – Easy On Me

2 | Stay – The Kid LAROI ft. Justin Bieber

3 | Industry Baby – Lil Nas X ft. Jack Harlow

4 | Taylor Swift – All Too Well

5 | Oh My God – Adele

6 | Shivers – Ed Sheeran

7 | Glass Animals – Heat Waves

8 | Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

9 | Need To Know – Doja Cat

10 | Smokin Out The Window – Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak)

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Top 10 Christmas Movies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, almost. But we are coming up on Christmas in a little bit over the month and a lot of people including myself have started watching Christmas movies. Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit more than a good Christmas movie right? I’m going to tell you the top 10 Christmas movies according to me. Yes, you all will disagree with some as well as agree with some. I’d love to hear your feedback. Let’s get into it. 

10) Office Christmas Party

9) The Polar Express

8) The Night Before

7) A Charlie Brown Christmas

6) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer   

5) Elf

4) The Santa Clause

3) Home Alone

2) Bad Santa

1) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

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Wayback Wednesday | Love Songs of the 2000s

Music is by far the best way to let everything go and live in the moment… or back in time. Back when life was less stressful, more fun, and before all the recent chaos. Each week, I’m going to take you on a journey back into time where I’ll feature my Top 20 anthems from a specific music genre. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

For this week’s #WaybackWednesday (oops, ok how about we call this one #ThrowbackThursday), I’m going to slow things down. The 2000s were full or prosperity and despair – the recipe that brings emotions to the forefront in music and how big of an emotional attachment songs can have to us. Though all the songs are going to be in the 2000s, I’m kicking it off with one special song that really hits deep for me from 1998 – because I can. So yea, I’m going straight for the feels this week and hope to bring smiles and good memories to you as well. By the way, I’m sure I missed many songs but these were the ones that came to mind without hesitation.

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris [1998]

Colbie Caillat – Bubbly [2007]

Mariah Carey – We Belong Together [2005]

Kelly Clarkson – A Moment Like This [2002]

Mario – Let Me Love You [2004]

Ne-Yo – Because Of You [2007]

James Blunt – You’re Beautiful [2004]

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars [2006]

Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson – Don’t You Wanna Stay [2010]

Lifehouse – You and Me [2005]

Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown – No Air [2008]

Chris Brown – With You [2007]

Taylor Swift – Love Story [2008]

*NSYNC – This I Promise You [2000]

Beyoncé – Halo [2008]

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours [2008]

Michael Bublé – Everything [2007]

Alicia Keys – Fallin’ [2001]

Rascal Flatts – Bless the Broken Road [2004]

98 Degrees – My Everything [2000]

Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat – Lucky [2008]

Frida Amundsen – Closer [2012]

Honorable Mention…

Passenger – Let Her Go [2012]


NFL Week 13 | Picks & Predictions

Michigan beat Ohio State (FINALLY) and my Patriots are rolling. I couldn’t be happier right now in the world of football. Last week, I went 9-6 taking my record for the year to 110-69-1 as I look to finish this year as hot as my Patriots have been so it’s time I finally take some risks with some. You want to win big, you got to go big. So let’s get to my Week 13 picks for the NFL.

Thursday Night Game

Using analytics to predict every game on the Cowboys schedule: Weeks 12-13  - Blogging The Boys

Dallas (7-4) at New Orleans (5-6)

New Orleans is extremely banged up and in comes a Dallas team getting back their top two receivers (Cooper for sure, Lamb will be questionable I’m sure) and in need of a win to stay in the chase for the number one seed in the NFC. Tony Pollard might get the start if they rest Zeke which might work out better for them as he looks faster and just flat out plays better than Zeke does anymore. Big day for Prescott and Pollard as Dallas beats up on an already battered Saints team.

Pick: Dallas 34-17

Sunday Afternoon Games

Tom Brady throws five touchdowns, remains unbeaten vs. Falcons

Tampa Bay (8-3) at Atlanta (5-6)

The Bucs won a great game last week in Indy and in comes an Atlanta team that somehow has a shot at the seven spot in the NFC. This Atlanta team isn’t that good though and the Bucs, you can just feel, are about to go into playoff football mode as they still have a good shot at possibly getting the one seed in the NFC. I think Tom Brady has his way with this Falcons defense and the Bucs roll.

Pick: Bucs 38-18

Arizona Cardinals vs 49ers, Week 1: Good, bad, ugly

Arizona (9-2) at Chicago (4-7)

The Cardinals after a bye week should be close to being fully healthy again and in comes a Bears team that barely beat the winless Lions on Thanksgiving. Cardinals win big and keep a hold on the top seed in the NFC.

Pick: Cardinals 30-16

Bengals-Chargers NFL Week 1: Analysis of the Cincinnati loss

Los Angeles Chargers (6-5) at Cincinnati (7-4)

This is my coin toss game of the week. Heads Bengals or tails Chargers. Tails never fails. Chargers are the pick.

Pick: Chargers 31-30

Vikings Flashback: Minnesota runs past Detroit in 2020

Minnesota (5-6) at Detroit (0-10-1)

Kirk Cousins is playing very good football and Jared Goff is well, Jared Goff. The Lions might end up not winning a game this year. I sure as hell ain’t picking them this week either. Poor Dan Campbell. Vikings win with ease.

Pick: Vikings 24-7

NFL Week 13 PFF ReFocused: Indianapolis Colts 26, Houston Texans 20 | NFL  News, Rankings and Statistics | PFF

Indianapolis (6-6) at Houston (2-9)

I mean what do you want me to say here? I’m picking the Colts. Just an easy one for me. I do not trust Houston. Taylor goes off for Indy as they get a win to keep up in the AFC playoff race.

Pick: Colts 27-9

Atlanta Falcons vs. Miami Dolphins picks, predictions NFL Week 7 game

New York Giants (4-7) at Miami (5-7)

The Dolphins are playing good football and the Giants just suck. Yes, they beat Philadelphia last week but I don’t think Philly is much better than the Giants. What I’m saying is, I’m picking Miami. Tua has another solid game as Miami keeps their playoff (slim) hopes alive.

Pick: Dolphins 32-14

NFL Week 13 odds, picks: Lookahead lines offering value for Eagles-Jets,  49ers-Seahawks -

Philadelphia (5-7) at New York Jets (3-8)

I picked the Jets last week (and won) but I’m not doing it again. The Eagles win easily.

Pick: Eagles 28-10

Sunday Evening Games

Raiders-Chiefs Week 13 AFC West matchup flexed to afternoon slot | RSN

Washington (5-6) at Las Vegas (6-5)

This game for me just comes down to which quarterback do I trust more. The answer to that is Derek Carr. With all the noise and distractions that’s gone on with Vegas this year he has kept this team together and in the playoff race. I think Carr has another solid game as Vegas continues their playoff push.

Pick: Raiders 26-9

Jaguars vs Rams Opening Odds, Betting Lines and Prediction for Week 13 Game  on FanDuel Sportsbook

Jacksonville (2-9) at Los Angeles Rams (7-4)

This will be the game all the weapons of the Rams have big games. Beckham, Henderson, Kupp, and Stafford. Don’t forget their defense. I mean they are playing the Jaguars. I know things can happen on any given Sunday but I don’t see it here.

Pick: Rams 31-10

BREAKING: NFL Moves Ravens-Steelers Game To Wednesday At 3:40PM; Change Week  13 Schedule - Daily Snark

Baltimore (7-3) at Pittsburgh (5-5-1)

Pittsburgh isn’t good. I said it in my predictions before the season and it shows each week. No injury excuses, no excuses at all they aren’t good. Ben is done and needs to hang it up. I know it’s a division game and anything can happen but after that a$$ beating, the Bengals gave them I will not pick Pittsburgh any time soon. They couldn’t even beat Detroit. I’m glad I wasn’t one of those clueless people that had them in the Super Bowl LOL.

Pick: Ravens 26-13

Seahawks, 49ers Week 13 game flexed out of Sunday Night Football slot

San Francisco (6-5) at Seattle ( – )

Remember in my intro when I said I was going to take more risks. This is one of them. I don’t trust anything about Seattle this year but in a divisional game, they shouldn’t win I think they somehow do. I’m not sure how but they do. Make sense to you? Me either. Go Hawks.

Pick: Seattle 24-23

Sunday Night Game

Kansas City Chiefs: Five things we learned in Week 13 win vs Broncos

Denver (6-5) at Kansas City (7-4)

The Chiefs are still the biggest threat to me in the AFC and they are playing good football again and trending in the right direction. I expect them to win this game and keep their winning streak going. It will be close but I see a touchdown late in the fourth put this game away for Mahomes and company.

Pick: Chiefs 26-17

Monday Night Game

NFL Week 8 PFF ReFocused: Buffalo Bills 24, New England Patriots 21 | NFL  News, Rankings and Statistics | PFF

New England (8-4) at Buffalo (7-4)

The Patriots are hot and headed into a huge game in deciding the AFC East and maybe even a top seed in the AFC. Last week against Tennessee they struggled to run the ball and I expect them to run in better this week and take some pressure off Rookie of the Year Mac Jones. Jones had a great game against Tennessee and I expect the Pats defense to be all over Josh Allen. This game will be close but I got a game-winning field goal by Nick Folk giving the Patriots the victory in this huge game.

Pick: Pats 27-24

Byes: Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, Tennessee

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Top 10 Christmas Songs

Hey everyone I hope all is well! It’s never too early for Christmas to me and speaking of Christmas…. Christmas music! We all love a good Christmas song right? I sure do and these are the top 10 Christmas songs according to yours truly. If you agree let me know. If you don’t tell me what your top 10 would be. Here are my top 10 Christmas songs. 

10) Christmas Tree Farm – Taylor Swift

In a few years, this will be much higher on everyone’s list. The song came out last year, just give it time. It’s Tay Sway!

9) Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Frank Sinatra 

What’s Christmas without Santa Claus? Were you good this year? Were you bad this year? Well, Santa is coming to town and you better be ready. 

8) Frosty the Snowman – Gene Autry

Who else has a yearly tradition of watching Frosty the Snowman on TV? Yeah, me too. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Frosty and this mood uplifting song.

7) 12 Days of Christmas – Many Different Artists

This song has been done so well by many artists I can’t just pick one. FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!! I mean that is the best part of the song right? I always look forward to trying to keep up with all 12 things in this song as I’m getting old and my mind is failing me. Still a classic. 

6) Me – Do You Hear What I Hear

IT’s me. What gets you more excited than hearing my beautiful voice? Right…. Right?

5) Last Christmas – Wham

Last Christmas I gave you my heart! Just kidding. But this song is fantastic and that’s no joke. After high school, I used to work at K-Mart and used to sing this song out loud. Don’t take my word for it check this out for yourself. 

4) Happy Xmas (War is Over) – John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band

Such a beautiful song. John Lennon crushes this classic Christmas song. I can still hear my buddy Chuck Winchester (also co-host of RSH) yelling at me to shut up singing it at our old job at K-Mart. 

3) All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

Yes yes yes, you all hate this song right? You can say that but it’s one of the biggest songs of Christmas time every year and will probably be that way forever. 

2) All Alone On Christmas – Darlene Love

We have all seen Home Alone 2 right? This song to me is one of the best things about the movie. This song is about being all alone on Christmas and it makes you feel so happy. That’s how good it is. 

1) Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – U2

Easily the best Christmas song ever. Controversial? Maybe, but that’s what I do. Christmas is all about being happy and no song puts me in a better mood than this one. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night (or day). 

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Fantasy Football: Start/Sit Week 13

Hi, it’s Aaron Truesdale and I’m back and ready to give you the fantasy advice you need for the upcoming NFL season. I’m so sorry but unfortunately, due to health issues, I have decided to shorten my start/sit column for at least the rest of this season. Thank you all for understanding and I hope you all still enjoy all the content that I am still able to give you. Be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about my start/sit column. Each week I will be giving my top 3 starts & my top 3 sits at each position. There will be a start & sit of the week at each position with projections. My column will not include the automatic starters. Automatic starters are guys you don’t bench unless they’re injured or on a bye week. I am going to give 2 examples of automatic starters at each position. QB: Josh Allen & Patrick Mahomes, RB: Christian McCaffery & Dalvin Cook, WR: Tyreke Hill & Stefon Diggs, TE: Travis Kelce & George Kittle, K: Justin Tucker & Harrison Butker. For defenses, there are no automatic starters. Now, I’ve added a twist to my article that will mention a sleeper of the week at each position who did not make my top 3 starters list. Also, a player that is most likely on the waiver wire that you can stream if you’re in a jam at a position. Let’s get it going with Week 13.


Carson Wentz vs HOU

2021 Fantasy Football Sleepers Projections Week 13 | Start 'Em Picks &  Matchup Plays

Projection: 28/34|314 YDS|2 TDS|3 CAR|19 YDS|1 TD

Wentz has been rolling right along with that Colts offense. This week against a horrible Texans defense Wentz will continue to roll. Look for Wentz to continue his success as the season moves on.

Kirk Cousins vs DET

Jalen Hurts vs NYJ


Mac Jones vs BUF

Projection: 17/30|202 YDS|2 INTS|1 FL|5 CAR|21 YDS

Jones is a game manager and a game manager isn’t a good QB for fantasy football. Also, in this game look for Jones to look more like a rookie and to make rookie mistakes against a tough Buffalo defense.

Russell Wilson vs SF

Justin Herbert vs CIN


Jimmy Garoppolo vs SEA

The 49ers have looked good recently and I believe they will be a dangerous team if they make the playoffs. Seattle’s defense has looked good lately but just look for Jimmy G to dissect that Seahawks defense. So if you need sleeper at QB this week pick up and start Jimmy G.


Leonard Fournette vs ATL

Leonard Fournette is the NFC offensive player of the week - ProFootballTalk

Projection: 22 CAR|134 YDS|1 TD|6 REC|55 YDS|1 TD

Fournette had a huge game last week. This week against a rotten Falcons defense you can expect another big game. Ride Fournette this week and for the rest of the season.

Alexander Mattison vs DET

Antonio Gibson vs LV


Ezekiel Elliott vs NO

Projection: 8 CAR|36 YDS|3 REC|7 YDS

Elliott is banged up and has struggled lately. He has lost some of his work to Pollard as well. Now he facing a solid Saints defense. So if you have a better option than Elliott then bench him this week.

Melvin Gordon vs KC

David Montgomery vs ARI


Tevin Coleman vs PHI

With Carter out, it looks like Coleman will be the go-to back in that Jets offense. If you need a bye week filler then pick up and start Coleman.


Jaylen Waddle vs NYG

Jaylen Waddle, Jaelan Phillips nominated for Rookie of the Week

Projection: 7 REC|144 YDS|2 TDS

Waddle has developed into a #1 WR as the season has progressed. Look for bigger and bigger things as the season goes on. Waddle is up against mediocre Giants defense but looks for him to explode against them and have the best game of his young career.

Odell Beckham Jr. vs JAX

Christian Kirk vs CHI


Jerry Jeudy vs KC

Projection: 4 REC|24 YDS

Jeudy has been almost been nonexistent in that Broncos offense since returning from injury. Now he faces a Chiefs defense that has been excelling lately at shutting down opposing offenses. Because of that dominance, Jeudy should be avoided.

Kenny Golladay vs MIA

Elijah Moore vs PHI


T.Y. Hilton vs HOU

Hilton is a veteran who should be used more and that will start happening this week against a horrid Texans defense. So if you need a plug and play at WR this week then pick up and start Hilton.


Logan Thomas vs LV

Tight End Rankings: NFL Fantasy Week 13 - | Expert  Predictions, Picks, and Previews

Projection: 8 REC|85 YDS|2 TDS

Thomas was already heavily used in his return from injury. He will be heavily targeted again this week against a not-so-impressive Raiders defense. Look for Thomas to have a huge second game back from injury.

Tyler Higbee vs JAX

Dallas Goedert vs NYJ


T.J. Hockenson vs MIN

Projection: 6 REC|45 YDS

Hockenson has been hardly a factor this season in fantasy football because opposing teams’ game plan to shut him down and make someone else beat them in that Lions the passing game. Vikings will do just that again this week which will make Hockenson a nonfactor again.

Dalton Schultz vs NO

Kyle Pitts vs TB


C.J. Uzomah vs LAC

It has been a while since Uzomah has been mentioned as a factor in fantasy football but this week Uzomah is up against a Chargers defense that gives up a lot of fantasy points against opposing tight ends. So if you want a sneaky play in week 13 then go with Uzomah.


Matt Prater vs CHI

Fantasy: Week 13 Rankings - Kickers (Updated) |

Projection: 4 XPS|2 FGS

Prater has been consistent this season and consistency is good in fantasy football this week look for him to have a big kicking day against the Bears. Start Prater and you will be smiling big.

Evan McPherson vs LAC

Chris Boswell vs BAL


Brandon McManus vs KC

Projection: 0 FGS|0 XPS

McManus won’t have any opportunities this week against an up-and-coming Chiefs defense. Which will lead to a goose egg and a goose egg is a no-no in fantasy football. McManus should be avoided at all costs this week.

Younghoe Koo vs TB

Nick Folk vs BUF


Greg Joesph vs DET

Joseph will see plenty of field goals and extra point chances against a dismal Lions defense. So if you want a smart start at kicker then pick up and start Joseph.


Kansas City vs Denver

3 Kansas City Chiefs players who can help fix defensive struggles

Projection: 8 PTS|243 YDS|6 SKS|4 INTS|1 TD

The Chief’s defense has been stingy lately and Denver’s offense has struggled at times this season. This week is going to be a horrible week for that Broncos offense because the Chief’s defense will be in shut down mode. Start the Chief’s defense then sit back and watch them dominate.

Baltimore vs Pittsburgh

Arizona vs Chicago


New England vs Buffalo

Projection: 35 PTS|488 YDS|5 SKS|1 INT

The Bills will come out against the Patriots and make a huge statement and show the Patriots why they are the undisputed #1 team in the Afc East. Bench the Patriot’s defense and then watch as that Bills offense explodes like a grenade all over that Patriots defense.

Chicago vs Arizona

Denver vs Kansas City


Philadelphia vs New York Jets

With Wilson back at QB look for the Jet’s bad offense to get worse because Wilson is having a rough rookie year. Also, the Philly defense is underrated. So if you play matchups at defense then pick up and start the Philly defense.

I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope all of my week 13 start/sit advice helps everyone. Also if you need more explanation on a player just leave me a comment I will be happy to give you one. I’ll be back next week with more fantasy start/sit advice.

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