Top 10 Ludacris Songs

Hey everyone it’s your boy Josh again with another epic Top 10 list! This time, I’m breaking down the mouth of the dirty south, Ludacris. I need you to Stand Up, Get Back and Rollout and turn up this list. You will get the best Southern Hospitality, a Diamond in the Back and love your experience at Splash Waterfalls. It’s Saturday, I got a big beer stash, a pocket full of cash (mostly change) – but still what better way to enjoy your day than checking out the most epic Ludacris top 10 list. If you have any objections, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments and we can discuss it. Have a great day everyone happy listening!

10 | Splash Waterfalls

9 | Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!)

8 | Southern Hospitality

7 | Get Back

6 | Diamond in the Back

5 | Move Bitch

4 | How Low

3 | Stand Up

2 | What’s Your Fantasy

1 | Rollout

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