Fantasy Basketball Draft Advice

Hi, it’s Aaron Truesdale and I am here to help you with your Fantasy Basketball draft.

Top 3 First Round guys to target:

1. Luka Doncic DAL

2. Giannis Anteokoumpo MIL

3. Trae Young ATL

Top 3 1st round guys to avoid:

1. Kevin Durant BRK

2. Lebron James LAL

3. Anthony Davis LAL

Top 3 early round guys to target:

1. Ben Simmons PHI

2. Zion Williamson NOP

3. DeAndre Ayton PHX

Top 3 mid rounders to target:

1. Michael Porter Jr. DEN

2. Mikal Bridges PHX

3. Malcolm Brogdon IND

Top 3 Sleepers:

1. Nerlens Noel NYK

2. Killian Hayes DET

3. Darius Bazley OKC

Top 3 Bust:

1. Mitchell Robinson NYK

2. John Wall HOU

3. Gordon Hayward CHA

I hope the advice helps you with your Draft. Please comment to let me know what you think or if you want an explanation for a team I would be happy to discuss it.

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Published by Aaron Truesdale

I am Fantasy Football & Baseball columnist. I will also be doing a MLB Team Previews and NFL Mock Drafts. I am 40 years old Married with 2 daughters. One that is 20 and the other 3.

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