Jim Johnston Not Selected to WWE HOF

Jim Johnston is a name synonymous with sports-entertainment for being the man responsible for composing some of the WWE’s top superstars theme music from the 1980’s until 2017. 

Johnston did an interview with Reece Reilly for the Kiwi Talkz YouTube channel. Johnston became the person Vince McMahon and WWE relied on for coming up with original ideas, when it came to a wrestler’s entrance music. Johnston was responsible for providing themes for such stars as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, The Ultimate Warrior and many more legendary names. He was the musical genius that provided us wrestling fans with such an iconic soundtrack for our lives, he really did. 

Jim Johnston says he has not been asked about being inducted into the WWE  Hall Of Fame | Wrestling News - News AKMI

One can still find his videos online of him performing these iconic classics. Johnston has been open about how he himself came up with the ideas and how Vince and company would pitch ideas to him to come up with an original theme song for a certain wrestler. 

Reilly spoke on how celebrities like Drew Carey and Sylvester Stallone are in the Hall Of Fame for WWE. However what is not specifically known is what the criteria is to become an inductee.

Johnston answered by saying, “I don’t think anybody does. At the same time, I got the emotional part like wait a second, where are we? You decided to boot my ass out the door and now you’re saying we want you in the Hall Of Fame so make up your mind.”

Johnston definitely deserves to be inducted and go into the WWE Hall of Fame just based on his contributions to WWE and wrestling in general due to the fact, so many people still to this day recognize those theme songs for all the popular stars that were mentioned near the top of the article. Johnston is a fascinating and most interesting individual who gives a great interview. Johnston’s hard work, time and energy went into that creative process to be able to write and compose such memorable and nostalgic but relevant pieces of music, which would resonate also endear fans to his music. 

I fully support Jim Johnston getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, like so many others do as well. Will it indeed happen in the near future that remains to be seen. We’re all holding out hope that it will. He is very deserving of such an honor.

Are you a fan of Jim Johnston and his music for WWE. Please comment down below:

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