Devils Advocate: UFC Fight Night Thompson vs Neal Results

Well Buzz fans, we have got a hell of a card to end out the 2020 year and just look at the lineup we’ve been given tonight. The big Welterweight fight with Stephen “WonderBoy” Thompson fighting 11th ranked Geoff Neal looked to be an exciting fight. Also UFC legend Jose Aldo looks to show that he’s still a dangerous contender against the man who shut down the hype train of Sean O’Malley, Marlon “Chito” Vera. Read down below to get the up to dates results right here on THE BUZZ 

Marcin Tybura VS Greg Hardy

When this fight started the commentators had said Hardy came in at the weight max of 266 pounds, and by the second round it showed. The first round Hardy looked really slick with his boxing, landing combos and even six straight right hands in a row. By the time the second round got going, Tybura had adjusted and made corrections to his defense, and combinations Hardy was landing in the first weren’t connecting in the second. Eventually Tybura got the takedown and Hardy had nothing for him. From there Tybura was non stop connecting with punches, Hardy wasn’t defending and the referee stopped the fight at round 2. This marks Marcin Tybura’s fourth consecutive victory and now sets Hardy’s record at 7-3.

Winner: Marcin Tybura TKO 2nd Round

#11 Rob Font  VS  #3 Marlon “Magic” Moreas

This fight did not disappoint as far as fireworks. This was Rob Font’s first fight of 2020, and like the saying goes “Better late than Never” because he closed this fight and made a huge statement. Moreas took Font down but eventually Font got back up and when he did they both started slinging leather. It was apparent that Moreas knew he didn’t wanna stand with Font. Font started it off with a left jab that wobbled Moreas and it was all downhill from there. He dropped “Magic” with an uppercut and from there it could have easily been stopped, but the referee Marc Goddard deemed Moreas still able to compete. Font finished Moreas with a downpour of fists and elbows with most of them connecting and FINALLY the ref stopped the fight at 4:31 in the second round. Could we see Font possibly fighting the winner of the January 16 battle between Max Holloway and Kalvin Kattar?

Winner : Rob Font TKO 2nd Rnd

Khaos Williams  VS  Michel Pereira

Coming into this fight I couldn’t help but notice that Pereira looked like he was a middleweight. Even in the cage you could easily see a size difference, and as “OxFighter” starred a hole in his opponent you could tell this fight was gonna be entertaining. The first round you could tell Williams was all business as he caught a leg kick by Pereira and made him pay for it with a check right hook, although Pereira caught Khaos with a big knee in the clinch. Both fighters were busy but I would have said the Williams was the busier of the two. The second was a lot more action from both sides, as Khaos and Michel were landing brutal knees in the clinch. Good punches from both on the break and to my surprise Williams showed really good composure given his history of big knockouts.

The round ended with a wild exchange with both connecting and with seven seconds left Pereira locked on a rear naked choke from the SIDE of Williams body, and it looked to be locked in good but time wasn’t on Pereira’s side and the round ended. The third round started with Pereira doing some wild movement and fancy footwork. There were a few exchanges, nothing really connecting. The key was Pereira connecting with two solid takedowns that at least stole him that round. But the judges gave a Unanimous decision to Michel Pereira which I thought was kinda nuts, that was a close fight, definitely deserved a split decision at least, but hey, welcome to Las Vegas!!!

Winner:  Michel Pereira Unanimous decision

Jose Aldo Jr VS Marlon “Chito” Vera

The first round was a feeling out process, both men swinging and Aldo connecting with digging hooks to Veras body. Aldo also showed terrific take down defense as well. Both men were throwing crazy leg kicks but by the end of the first round the numbers were 32 kicks for Aldo and six for Vera. The second round started with Vera keeping heavy pressure on Aldo but it was apparent that Vera had massive respect for Aldo’s striking. When Aldo would faint even “Chito” would throw his guard up with quickness. In the beginning of the third we saw Jose Aldo get a body triangle on Vera that he would hold for a large part of the round. Vera managed to stand up with Aldo on his back and walked around the cage, eventually ending up in his corner for help. The round ended and Aldo got a unanimous decision. But this fight just shows that Aldo is still a very game opponent. After the victory Aldo made a huge callout to welcome T.J Dillashaw back into the octagon.

Winner: Jose Aldo Jr Unanimous Decision

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson vs Geoff “Hands of Steel” Neal

This fight by far was Geoff Neal’s biggest fight to date, coming into this fight he was on a seven fight win streak, five of which he has done in the UFC. This was a big step up in competition for Neal as it was also his first main event. Fighting against #5 ranked welterweight Stephen Thompson, who isn’t known for his knockout power, came into this fight as the underdog. To be honest, I think this has been working in Thompson’s favor as of late, fighting the younger competition, and with every fight he takes, they stack the odds against him, he always seems to perform at his best. This fight was no different, and it didn’t disappoint as the last main card of 2020. The first round was mainly Thompson’s round as he fought the same fight he always fights. There was an accidental butt of heads that gashed both men above the eye. The second round we saw Wonderboy showing great movement, sticking and moving, connecting with nice body shots and getting completely out of the way. Neal did connect with a beautiful combination that ended with a picture perfect overhand left. The only time that Neal really had Wonderboy is when he cut off his movement and had him up against the cage. By the third round Thompson was setting in on his punches more and it appeared if Neal just had no answers as Wonderboy fought his fight. The fourth was a lot of the same and it wasn’t until the fifth when business really picked up.

It would appear as if Thompson’s right leg was hurt by one of Neal’s leg kicks, showing a huge welt above Thompsons knee cap. So as the fifth picked up, it was apparent that Thompsons movement had been affected, but he was still connecting, but so was Neal. He was getting Wonderboy against the fence and really landing. The fight ended with both men swinging for the fences and as the bell rang it was apparent that Thompson had won the fight. The judges gave Thompson a unanimous decision, a well earned one at that. This fight told us a lot by the end of it. That Neal does not improve his game, and that the step up in competition was too much for him. But honestly Thompson has made the very best in the division look just as bad as he made Neal look. So Neal should hold his head high, and he is still a definite threat to anyone in the division.

As for Wonderboy, even at the age of 38 he still looks as good as he did when first came to the UFC. The lack of damage he’s taken has lengthened his career and he hasn’t lost a step. I think after tonight we’re gonna be hearing that Wonderboy is gonna be fighting the winner of Usman vs Burns. He’s earned the title shot, and if he does get it, it could very well be his last shot at UFC gold. But as for tonight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson completely outclassed his opponent.

Winner :   Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson Unanimous Decision

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