Christmas in 2020

So this year has been awful for so many all over the world and the shining light at the end of the tunnel was Christmas/Hanukkah. The festive period was going to be a save haven for so many that have been isolating or shielding from the deadly virus.

But in England, due to a new strain of Covid-19 being found, Christmas plans have been cancelled for millions. Friday saw thousands of people flee the capital to get home to loved ones in time before the strict new rules took effect at midnight.

Couple that with the most European countries now banning travel in and out of the UK and effectively closing their borders. France have banned the importing and exporting of goods via the Dover and Calais shipping connection.

This means that Christmas, as we know it in the UK, will not take place for so many around the country and will leave many loved ones celebrating alone this year. The question that is asked most of all is how will people living alone cope?

This news will create a huge impact on many peoples mental health. If this is the case and you feel lost or upset due to the new strict laws put in place, there are people to talk to.

No one should suffer alone especially at this time of year, a time that is normally celebrated and full of joy. Reach out to a loved one via text, phone call or even a Skype/Zoom call. People are there to support you.

If this is something you don’t want to talk about with friends or family, or maybe you feel uncomfortable speaking about your mental health ao openly, then there are others than can assist you during this difficult time.

The Samaritans charity are a fantastic group of people who work to help people with these kinds of struggles. I will leave the number for the charity at the bottom of the this article in case anyone reading this needs someone to talk to.

We all need a helping hand this year more than ever, so check up on friends and family, ask if they are ok and give them a ring to see if they need help. This virus has ruined most of this year for so many but make sure that during the festive period that you keep in mind all those you hold dear.

Stay safe, have a wonderful holiday season as much as you can and let’s hope that next year we can be surrounded by loved ones once again.

You can reach the Samaritans hotline in the UK by dialling 116 123. If you’re from elsewhere in the world, make sure to Google Samaritans for a number that works for you country. Don’t battle alone, people can help.

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