WWE Developing Lucha Libre Series

The WWE has made it no secret that they are in the process of developing a new NXT show, it would serve as a minor league system for WWE NXT now. Apparently according to numerous wrestling websites the company has been in discussion to have a Mexican Lucha Libre series. They would call the brand NXT Mexico or something similar to that kind of name. From the way talks are currently going, this new show will possibly air in the United States. WWE have reportedly spoken with a few of the people who are in positions to run such a project, we should mention it’s in the early planning stages. 

Chavo Guerrero Jr. is a big name which is being considered for a consultant job for the new WWE series. Chavo has been an agent for Lucha Underground and was heavily involved with the promotion. One of the sources made the comparison of the new show to the WCW Telemundo “ Festival de Lucha” pilot that had been filmed in Waco, Texas back on January 27, 1999. Here’s an interesting fact about that pilot episode that never aired: the episode was added to the “Hidden Gems” section of the WWE Network last year.

WWE continues their goal to expand into even more international markets from around the world. They have already launched NXT UK going back to 2018, and this latest news is more evidence of WWE wanting to create more NXT brands in several other countries as well. The brand of WWE has always been looking to do more business with other nations globally to recruit and to add more potential talent prospects to each of the respective brand’s rosters. The world’s number one and top professional wrestling/sports-entertainment company also can capitalize on working relationships with many wrestling promotions on a more international level. WWE were already laying the groundwork and having their name associated with many different countries, this only reinforces that point. This also proves why they continue to be dominant and have an overall great experience with their resources that helps strengthen their grip not just in North America but the wrestling world as a whole literally. 

Would you as a wrestling fan be excited for a new WWE Lucha Libre Series? Let us know by commenting down below:

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