NHL | 2020-21 Schedules Released

So after a much anticipated and long-awaited announcement, the NHL and NHLPA finally came to an agreement; or at least enough of an agreement to be able to play a 56-game 2020-21 season. So much going on with so little time – but they managed to make it happen and January 13, 2021 cannot come soon enough!

Schedules Released

Today, the NHL began to release team schedules. Of course, the most important to the majority of us north of the border – is the “North Division”. Check out the head-to-head table below – if this doesn’t excite you, I’m not sure what will!

Season Openers

Here are all the season openers scheduled for each team across the league – this is going to be one of the most bizarre, yet highly entertaining seasons in the history of the NHL. You want to talk rivalries? The term itself is about to be redefined.

Around The League

In addition to the shocking news that a heart condition will force Henrik Lundqvist to miss the entire season (his 1-year deal) with the Washington Capitals.

Then today we found out that Nikita Kucherov will miss the entire regular season after a hip surgery; although the Tampa Bay Lightning are hopeful he’ll be ready for the playoffs (ambitious?). They also confirmed that captain, Steven Stamkos, will be ready for the start of the upcoming season.

Countdown to Puckdrop

So with January 13th circled in many calendars across North America, the countdown officially begins. As of today, December 23, we are 21 days away from opening night. More importantly, this means Archie and Wade will return with Between The Pipes on Friday January 8, 2021 for a preview of the season!

Let’s go!!

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