Double Agent Recap | s36 e3

We open on this week’s episode of the Challenge with Kyle talking to CT, Wes, and Devin about Fessy blindsiding him by sending him into elimination last week. Again he’s doing his interview in this white turtleneck and blazer combo. Eyeroll. At least the memes have been good.

Kyle starts talking about how he is going to blow up the game now that he knows about this huge secret alliance and is gathering the other players to fight against them. Little does he know he is about to get called out in front of everyone while some of the biggest information of the game gets revealed. Fessy announces to the entire group that he picked Kyle for elimination because he was able to see Kyle lied to him when he got to see who voted for who in the Double Agent chamber. I fail to see how this was a smart game move and I think Kyle agrees because he points out Fessy’s shoddy past game play when he refused to go earn his gold skull in the crater two times in a row in what may have been the easiest eliminations of the entire game. Corey pulls Fessy aside to talk gameplay as in “why would I have to find this valuable information out with the rest of the house when you and I are supposed to be working together.” He feels he really put his neck out for Fessy by voting the way he wants to, which puts him in jeopardy now that he knows that vote is not a secret. Fessy again shows how bad he is at this game by telling Corey he really doesn’t care and will do what he wants. This confirms Fessy for the large but dumb category.

The green light goes off and we know it’s Challenge time. The challengers wait for TJ as he drives a giant semitruck towards them complete with what looks to be a performance platform stretching across the top. He walks out of the truck with such pride, like he just got off his first successful rollercoaster ride. TJ announces we are about to see a physical challenge called Road Kill. Two teams face off for a wrestling match on top of the truck while it runs at 50 miles per hour. Whoever gets knocked off first loses. So that’s terrifying. Oh, and no harnesses. Just about everyone looks nervous.

The first heat is Devin vs Kyle and Nicole vs Kam. Devin loves a quotable moment so he pulls out his best Bananas line to kick things off and the competition begins. Nicole knocks Kam down by the knees showing her strength as a NYC firefighter. Kam takes a strong position as she braces herself against Nicole and just as it looks like Nicole has punched Kam in the face, she states she needs to stop. Kam backs off immediately and Nicole tells her she has popped out her arm. Kam urges her to keep competing and Nicole goes for it. They end up timing out despite Nicole dislocating her shoulder. That’s a real athlete right there. She does end up having to go home due to this injury which is disappointing, particularly to Nicole who felt this was her year.

Natalie and Wes are next going up against Nany and Josh who seem genuinely excited to be partners now. Nany, despite having done this for a long time, admits she is nervous to go up against Survivor champion Natalie. She ends up putting up an impressive fight but Natalie does end up winning. Wes comes right for Josh in their face off and Josh probably still thinks Wes is obsessed with him. The two struggle for a bit but Wes manages to pull Josh off the platform, angling his body so Josh would hit the net before he did, winning the match.

Darrel and Lio are up and Darrell mentions that he is aware that Lio used to wrestle for the WWE and and while he respects what the man can do, he feels pretty confident. Amber B is excited to go against Gabby letting us know she had played rugby for 5 years. We have to wonder if she was on the bench though as Gabby ends up winning this match. Darrell and Lio end up timing out which is frankly impressive on Lio’s part, Darrell is not one to go down easy. Lolo drops Theresa into the net fairly quickly and the match goes the same for her partner Nam who easily bests Jay. Cory and Tori show rookies Mechie and Liv the ropes as they easily beat them as well. Liv actually ends up going to the hospital for an injury but returns to the house able to get back into the competition.  

Amber M gets knocked out by Kaycee, Nelson is no match for Leroy and then we get the banger we have all been hoping for. Fessy and CT go head to head as everyone holds their breath. Next to these two titans, Aneesa easily throws Big T to the side, winning her match. Fessy announces he wants to take out CT but wanting it is not always enough, and they time out. TJ announces that only three teams completed the mission; Natalie and Wes, Leroy and Kaycee, and Nam and Lolo. The team that got it done the fastest were Leroy and Kaycee making them this week’s double agents. Too bad everyone now knows they will know how everyone votes. Thanks Fessy.

Once we are back at the house, the players start to chat and my guess is get into the alcohol because some really dumb fights break out. Kaycee and CT start arguing in the kitchen about frozen pizza which leads Josh feeling the need to prove his friendship to Kaycee who asked for none of this. Josh hikes across the property to where CT has snuck off for a smoke to report that CT is big and bad because he made poor little Kaycee (the professional football player) cry. CT very clearly does not want to get into this with Josh but he does go off to find Kaycee to apologize. Kaycee denies she was crying and Josh then starts denying he said any of that while MTV shows him saying “literally crying” in a well timed flashback. Josh and CT start screaming at each other, CT taking this whole thing waaaay less seriously than Josh. Devin randomly screams out “Big Brother sucks” and becomes the main focus of the wrath. Next thing you know Josh is outside screaming at Devin who openly admits to poking at Josh. He doesn’t have a partner, feels he doesn’t have much to lose, cut to Josh losing his mind while Whitney Houston sings So Emotional in the background. Sometimes it just looks like Josh has a lot of feelings and he doesn’t know what to do with them so he explodes. It’s just not a smart move in this game, to be that visibly problematic.

At the public deliberation Devin steps up and announces he is going to vote for Cory and Tori. Tori and Devin then clue us in to their long standing difficult relationship from a show called Second Chances where they were rivals. Devin reports that they were the two best players in the game but he won the show and feels Tori can not seem to let that go. Wes makes a speech about how he is voting for Cory because he lied to him, integrity is important in this game and Cory can not be trusted. Josh starts going off on Devin being the worst person to align with and they start going at it again, essentially sealing Devin’s fate.

Kaycee and Leroy go into the chamber to see who voted Devin and Nicole into elimination and I realize we never did see the fall out between Aneesa and Fessy from when he revealed this particular secret. While I am sure Aneesa held him responsible, I’m dying to know how it all went down. Wes and Devin realize that they are going to be put up against each other so Wes goes off to try and make a deal with some other strong players so he can stay in the game. It is a bit of a Hail Mary and is largely unsuccessful.

The agents walk into the crater for the elimination and TJ announces that Devin will be going in for the men’s elimination this week and offers Leroy the opportunity to go against Devin and earn his gold skull. Leroy strangely declines and again I am not sure if these competitors are understanding that they need the gold skull in order to compete in the final. Regardless, Leroy puts up Wes for elimination and Kaycee backs him up. Wes is wildly upset by this and recites what is no doubt a practiced speech about how betrayed he feels by Leroy as they have known each other for 15 years and Leroy knows he and Devin are friends.

TJ states Wes and Devin will be playing Snapping Point. They will be tethered together by one rope. When TJ tells them to go they will race through their respective poles and detonate their station (push a button) at the end. First person to do so will win their gold skull and the chance to run in the final. Both Devin and Wes seem to share the sentiment that while it sucks they are going against each other, they are both going to do what they can to win. It is almost sad in a way. Brother against brother, must do what they need to do to win. I can’t even be sure who to root for, I almost feel robbed of this elimination. It just does not feel like a fun one today.

TJ blows the horn and the men shoot forward, racing around their respective poles. They stop almost at the same spot, their tether pulling them back as they jerk into place. There isn’t enough line for them both to reach their buzzers. One has to pull the other backwards in order to move forward enough to reach his buzzer. They dig in their heels, gritting their teeth for the race ahead. Wes starts digging a hole in the sand in order to anchor his way in, so as not to move at all as Devin pulls. Devin tries to convince us that he isn’t just a puzzle guy, as he actually starts to creep a bit more forward than Wes. Devin hits his buzzer, winning and impressing everyone in the crater, including himself. Wes appears completely confused in his interview after the competition, but later in his interview states that the motivation just was not there for him and he really did want this win for Devin. Wes makes a speech about making good choices as he heads out and Devin is awarded his gold skull. He is then offered the opportunity to pick a partner, either Natalie now that she is available, or any of the other females. Devin, always the showman, announces he has always played this game on a strict diet of cold beers and revenge and I wonder if Johnny Bananas wrote down a few quips for him to use this season. Sure sounds like it. Devin decided to infiltrate the Tori/Cory pair and is now partnered up with someone who he has a history of not getting along with. Tori seems displeased.

Cory now gets paired with Natalie and frankly he is fine with it. Natalie is strong, fit, smart, it’s not in anyway a downgrade. TJ very superficially reminds everyone that they are there to play for gold skulls. The people in power do keep appearing to avoid trying to go for one.  They seem to be focusing more on eliminating people they don’t want to go against in a final rather than on getting to the final themselves.  Seems like an odd tactic, but hey, maybe it’s just crazy enough to work. Keep it here with the Buzz for your Challenge updates every week as we continue to explore America’s 5th major sport.

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