Dwayne Haskins…What Happened?

Seems like it was yesterday when then Washington Redskins drafted Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State in 2019. The New York Giants drafted QB Daniel Jones after passing on hometown kid Haskins who wanted to be in New York. The Giants were getting trashed and dragged through Twitter when they made this move. Now they are collecting receipts from all of those critics.

Dwayne Haskins has no one to blame but himself for his time in Washington |  RSN

The now WFT (Washington Football Team), yes that is their name still, have cut their 2019 1st round pick, Dwayne Haskins – leaving people in a state of shock. This wasn’t strictly just a move because of his lack of play. Haskins has been flirting with this line throughout the year and apparently last year as well. Haskins finished yesterday’s game with a 57.9 QBR, and a 72.9 Passer Rating.

Haskins was caught without a mask at a strip pub which is a big no-no due to Covid protocols. The team took away his Captain role and letter, fined him, and started him because they are in a postseason race. Haskins has also not been a “hard worker” throughout his stay in Washington. “Very unmotivated” and “lazy” are the words that have been reported. Not leading by example at the most crucial position across all sports.

Dwayne Haskins At Strip Club Partying With No Mask: Why? - YouTube

Haskins, so I ask again “what happened? How do you go from being one of the most talented players coming out of college to now looking for a job in a matter of a year and a half since being drafted.” This franchises ineptness when it comes to drafting, and signing quarterbacks is sickening to the highest degree.

All draft picks for Washington in the last 20 years. Patrick Ramsey (2002), Jason Campbell (2005), RG3 (2012), Dwayne Haskins (2019).

Will we see Dwayne Haskins get another job? In 13 starts he has a lackluster 3-10 record, 60.1 completion percentage, 2,804 passing yards, 12 TD, 14 INT, 74.4 Passer Rating, and a QBR below 35. One NFL executive has been on record saying he doesn’t expect Haskins will get another job just because of the reputation he has earned. However, I highly doubt that. There is still a lot of skill and potential within Haskins – question remains though, does he want it? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, the WFT will be moving forward with veteran Quarterbacks Alex Smith and Taylor Heinicke for the remainder of the season. 2020 is truly undefeated people.

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