The Challenge: Duplicity Recap

As we situate ourselves back in Iceland for this week’s episode of The Challenge, we start to see some politicking happening at the house. Devin, having just picked Tori out from under Cory’s arm to form a new partnership is trying to bond with his self proclaimed ‘frenemy’ but she seems suspicious. They have a sorted history and she was happy being Cory’s partner so she is unsure if she will be able to trust and work well with Devin at this point. Instead of focusing on her partner, she turns her attentions to Fessy which gets the house talking.  Tori is still engaged to Jordan at this point in filming but it is pretty clear to the cast that she has something going on with Fessy.  Tori did take to her instastories just this week announcing that just because Fessy admits to liking her in this episode doesn’t mean she cheated on Jordan.  Feels like a rumor she didn’t need to respond to, but to each their own I guess.

We see a group of Challengers chatting in the living room and Devin asks to know Big T a little better, something I had been hoping for as well. Big T tells us she has been through some real struggle as her brother passed away when she was two years old and then her mother fell ill and gave T to her aunt who lived in the UK to raise when she was 4.  Her mother passed away from cancer when she was just 8 years old and her father passed away when she was 17.  Having suffered so much loss in her life, she reveals the best way for her to cope with all of it is to be extremely positive, at all times.  Devin praises Big T for her strength and lets her know just how inspired he is by her. Having suffered the loss of his own father, he really respects when someone has been through a struggle and comes out better on the other side. To get to know Devin a bit better, check out the exclusive interview he did with The Buzz on our website or on any of our social media platforms.

We skip over to the next mission which TJ calls Drone Control. He tells us that hidden underneath the very ground they are standing on are a series of lava tunnels. At the end of one of the tunnels, accessible only by drone, is a secret code on a computer screen.  One team mate will be flying the drone while the other is able to see the camera feed from the drone itself. Using team work to fly the drone to the screen, the player with the viewfinder receives the code and runs to input it onto their game tablet, solving the prepared puzzle and their time will be stopped.  The team with the fastest time will become this weeks Double Agents.

The event is set up in heats as only two teams can fit into the tunnel at a time so first up we have Nelson with Amber M vs Kyle and Miss Killer Kam who keeps taking her viewfinder glasses off which feels unproductive.  Amber gives Nelson zero direction and the whole lot of them time out.  TJ judges and laughs. Next up is Darrell and Amber B who give up before they even start while Nany and Josh legit LOSE their drone.  Jay and Teresa also lost their drone but are upstaged by Lio and Gabby who literally crash their drone immediately. Similar story for Big T, CT, Leroy, and Kaycee who all time out without being able to complete the mission. Pause for laughs, TJ does anyway. Cory and Natalie roll up and announce they are going for the gold skull opportunity this week as they step into position against newly teamed up Tori and Devin. Tori and Devin end up being one of the few competitors to complete the challenge and both seem legitimately surprised at how well they work together. With Tori on the controls, and Devin acting as their eyes, they get the code, Devin races to the tablet where he is met with a puzzle which he figures out almost immediately and it’s a done deal. Tori and Devin win the Challenge and become this week’s Double Agents.

Once the Challengers are back at the house Tori and Devin get to work to try and figure out who should be sent into elimination. Tori wants to create a veteran alliance to try and get the rookies out, which is usually established without discussion, but here we are. Devin starts discussing his own hit list which is comprised of 8 people. Seems like a lot but earlier in the episode we see Amber M and Nelson arguing with Devin so it’s not really a mystery who he is going for first. We start to see alliances forming all over the house, while others fall apart. Fessy seems to have replaced Hunter in team Young Buck as he is friendly with Cory and Nelson outside of the show and they announce their final three deal. Tori gets bent out of shape seeing Fessy flirting with Gabby while everyone is partying at their igloo nightclub so she decides to stir up some trouble and gets Josh all riled up, telling him that Devin HATES him and is targeting him. Inexplicably Josh takes this out on Jay who is IN his alliance and tries to pin the other Big Brother players against Jay, who very clearly do not have time for that. While Kaycee tries to calm the flames, Nany mentions that being partnered with Josh can be tough because his alliances change with every nonsensical argument he gets into.   

The cast heads into deliberation and are unable to figure out if tonight will be a guys elimination or a female elimination. Technically it should be a female elimination but Nicole and Liv just left the show due to injury leaving the numbers uneven and Mechie without a partner. Despite Nelson taking a stand for his partner Amber M, the castmates seem mostly interested in picking her off so Nelson and Amber M get voted into elimination as the house vote.  When Tori and Devin go into the Double Agent booth, they see these two were voted in mostly by their friends! It’s a dirty dirty game people, and we are LOVING IT!

We enter the crater and see that the elimination is Hall Brawl, a fan (and competitor) favorite where two players go head to head tackle football style in a hallway to bowl each other over and  get to their opposite side of the hallway first. When TJ asks the Double Agents if they want their shot at a gold skull, Tori very clearly wants to go in. Devin tries to persuade her otherwise because we still do not yet know if it is a male elimination or a female elimination and he does not want to risk his own skull in a Hall Brawl against Nelson. He promises to get her a skull and she somehow believes him.  They send in Aneesa and Fessy instead much to the shock of almost every other competitor. The cast is a buzz as they realize that Fessy and Nelson are supposed to be the best of friends, were they just blind sided? Nay nay, Tori whispers back to the challengers that Fessy wanted to go into the elimination and well, we know how close they have gotten so she would know. Aneesa states that she feels like this is Tori throwing her a skull as they are friends and Aneesa would easily brutalize Amber M in Hall Brawl. We find out it’s a men’s elimination after all so its Fessy vs Nelson and the crowd continues to go wild as friend is about to go against friend, on purpose.

The fellas get set up for Hall Brawl and Nelson confesses he feels like he was punched in the gut knowing his friend Fessy set this up. Fessy once again seems to have the worst game play of any other challenger in history but appears unbothered by this. TJ gives the signal, Fessy and Nelson bolt towards each other, no fear noticeable on either end. Nelson ducks down just as they are about to connect, dives down low underneath Fessy and tries to crawl his way to the end of the hall. Fessy isn’t having it and just holds him in place, in the middle of the hall as they fight each other for freedom. Fessy seems to be playing a dirty game, jerking Nelson’s head around and one by one he loses friends. There is honor among Challengers it seems and Fessy has just broken all those rules. Fessy, having distracted and possibly injured Nelson enough, eventually jumps up and scampers over Nelson who bolts out as well. They make a dive for it and in a photo finish, Fessy wins. The crowd looks on in disgust as the men line up for round two and TJ tells Fessy he can’t pay dirty anymore. Fessy still manages to win this round and Nelson is crushed. We all are. Nelson has not always been my favorite challenger but his loyalty has known no bounds.  If you recall, he sent himself into an elimination last season to provide his buddy Cory with a guaranteed spot in the final. As Kam eloquently states, its hard to watch someone go home who you know was loyal.

TJ throws some well deserved shade to Fessy for sending his own friend home then offers him the option to switch partners, as is the prize for the elimination winner.  He is able to stay with his current partner Aneesa, switch to any female in the crowd, or take on Nelson’s partner Amber M as his own. Fessy actually shoots a grimace to the crowd of Challengers when Amber M is suggested. Openly. Like it would be so beneath him to be partnered with her. To absolutely no one’s surprise, Fessy shows Aneesa zero loyalty and decides to steal Leroy’s partner Kaycee, which is precisely what Kaycee wanted to avoid. They are already in an alliance together, being partners actually works against them in this game, but Fessy does not possess the forethought to realize that. The entire cast is a buzz with the unfortunate position Fessy very stupidly put himself and now Kaycee in. Leroy who is now without a partner is able to choose Aneesa whom he rightly praises as one of the better veterans on this season and Amber M is now Mechie’s partner by default. It is my sincere hope that this cast does everything they can to get Fessy kicked off.  I also hope that Tori reveals she had suffered a head injury and that is the only reason she left Jordan for Fessy.  The difference between these two men is unmeasurable and while it is one thing to polidick your way through the show, Tori is seasoned enough to know to do that with someone who would at least show some loyalty to those who have been loyal in return.  Tune in next week as we find out how these new partnerships play out, if Fessy continues to be human garbage, and the Challengers swing into the great unknown over Icelandic waterfalls.

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