WWE Champion Disagrees with Undertaker’s “Soft” Comments

The Undertaker recently held nothing back by sharing his honest opinion on WWE’s current product and he called it “soft.” Taker was asked his thoughts about it when he recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience. His comments were about the WWE product, and he apparently believes its “a little soft” and feels today’s wrestlers lack an edge.  

Whenever comments like these get out, naturally not only do fans hear about it, but so do talent on the current main roster for WWE. The WWE Champion did a recent interview where he spoke to Riju Dasgupta who represented Sportskeeda, and well let’s just say it did not take long for Drew McIntyre to have a response to Undertaker’s criticism. Obviously, the WWE Champion disagreed with The Phenom’s opinion in regards to the modern day talent.

McIntyre said, “I don’t agree whatsoever. Especially from an in-ring perspective.” McIntyre admitted to having listened to at least a part of  the Joe Rogan interview featuring the Undertaker, McIntyre stated, “I’ve got to listen to the whole thing.” It’s apparently still pretty new to him.

McIntyre thinks Taker might be referring to storylines and characters. He mentioned that the co-host who was on the show had been a huge fan of the Attitude Era stuff back when it was the WWF. McIntyre guesses they might be making a reference to some of the outlandish storylines from then. McIntyre brought up the point about WWE’s current product is PG, which stops WWE’s creative team from being able to push the envelope.

“Back in the day, their stories were based on more sexual content, more like risque 18 plus age demographic. Our current product is PG, there’s only so far we can push and we’re willing to push it,” McIntyre said. “There’s certain things from back in the day that were awesome and certain things that were not awesome that I wouldn’t wanna go back to.” McIntyre continued, “So I’m not sure if it was more like Undertaker was coming from that perspective when it came to not having more adult-based stories of how it used to be for him.” The WWE Champion personally feels that “we’re walking a good line right now. But when it comes to the in-ring game, that’s not true at all. It’s never been more physical.”

Apparently Xavier Woods took what many perceived to be a shot at Taker, when Woods took to Twitter to thank the previous generation of wrestlers for teaching him that “video games are a healthier alternative to [redacted].”

What’s interesting about this whole thing is that McIntyre will defend his WWE Championship when he faces WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg at WWE Royal Rumble PPV on Sunday January 31st. 

Do you agree with Drew McIntyre’s comments? Share your opinions by leaving us a comment down below.

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