Want to Play a Game? SAW Movies Ranked

MOVIE REVIEW: 'Jigsaw' a worthy, not obligatory, addition to 'Saw' universe  - Washington Times

Want to play a game? Every time I hear those words I still get chills to this day. Hey everyone it’s Josh again and I’m here to talk about my favorite horror film franchise and that is Saw. I will be ranking all of the Saw movies and giving reasons for each one. I think Saw is one of the most creative movie concepts ever and especially around this time of year I love rewatching all the movies. I even own a life-size Billy on a bike and it sits in my living room. The thing for me with these movies are is Jigsaw really a bad guy or just a super twisted person trying to make people take responsibility for their past actions and teach them how precious life is? Regardless, these movies are fantastic and entertaining except for a few (you’ll see which one’s I’m referring to on my list). For all you die-hards like myself also on May 21, 2021, there is another Saw movie from the Book of Saw called Spiral starring Chris Rock and Samuel L Jackson which I’m very excited for. That’s still a few months away so let’s get back to the present, it’s time to get into my ranking of every Saw movie! Are you ready? Me too! It’s time to play a game!

8.) Saw: The Final Chapter

First off this movie was not “The Final Chapter” and they had to go and put it in 3D. YOU DON’T CALL A MOVIE THE FINAL CHAPTER IF IT’S NOT THE FINAL CHAPTER!  I hate it when a movie franchise to do things like this. For this franchise, there is also no reason for it to need to be in 3D and the quality of this movie was bad enough, to begin with. This film was boring, clumsy, and just plain confusing. Easily my least favorite movie of the franchise.

7.) Saw IV

This film is when things start to go off the rails a little bit. Thanks to detective Hoffman, Jigsaw is still able to torment people from the grave with a ton of hideous traps. With that being said there really isn’t any originality in this film. This movie is confusing as much as it is unorganized. This was literally a toss-up with which Saw movie I disliked more between this and the one your about to read about. Fortunately, I was so invested after the first two Saw movies I wasn’t going to give up on the franchise after this one even though a lot of fans did and quite honestly I don’t blame them for doing so. This Saw was a really tough watch. 

6.) Saw VI

Having taken over the mantle of the Jigsaw Killer, Detective Hoffman must try to keep his identity hidden as he continues his homicidal rampage. The victims, insurance executive William Easton and his team are all really unlikable which made me want them to get punished but maybe that’s just my sick sense of humor. This movie didn’t really add a lot to the Jigsaw legacy and didn’t have many memorable moments. For these reasons, this is why it’s so low on my list. 

5.) Saw III

I feel like I might have this movie a little low but that might be because I just rewatched it this morning, but I digress. This movie was blasted by critics even though it was a huge hit at the box office. I happen to agree with some of the criticisms though. This movie was full of flashbacks and over the top gore as the traps got really nasty. The bond shown between Kramer and Amanda barely shows the complications in their father-daughter relationship. For me, there were way too many flashbacks for my liking and the movie didn’t really connect with me like the ones I ranked before it. 

4.) Saw V

The thing about this movie is this one is all over the map, timeline-wise, existing before Kramer’s autopsy in III and IV but also before he’s caught in II. What this film does well is return to the teamwork-based plot of Saw II, as a group must put their differences aside to escape Jigsaw’s terrifying traps. Teamwork makes the dream work right? This movie also has some of the best traps of any movie in this series as well. This film was close to being my number three but it fell just short as it lands in my number four spot in my rankings.

3.) Jigsaw

This will be my “controversial” moving ranking I’m sure. Based on what I’ve read online about where a lot of people have this movie ranked last or second to last and don’t have very nice things about it. Well, I’m here to change that. I was very excited for this movie and it didn’t disappoint me at all. I found myself invested from the get-go and I thoroughly enjoyed the story in this one. Critics called it lazy, boring, and an embarrassment. I failed to see it that way. Most people will disagree with me having this film at three and all I can say is. Oh, well it’s my list :). 

2.) Saw II

This one didn’t thrill me as much as the first one but this was a very very good sequel and we all know how good sequels normally are. With Donnie Wahlberg leading as Eric Mattews, you see Jigsaw load up a house with eight captured strangers all of whom Matthews arrested (Matthews is a cop just to clarify) and he is forced to face his own demons to save his own son’s life. This movie elaborates more on Jigsaw’s reasoning and creates a lot of the rules you see in further films. Crooked cops and the return of survivor Amanda Young all make this a very good sequel and get it a number two ranking on my list.

1.) Saw

Where it all starts. I cannot tell you how many times I watched this movie after it came out. I seen it in theatres multiple times and then watched it at least 20 times within the first month of buying it on DVD. Does that make me crazy? Well, I’ve been called worse. This movie had the right amount of terror and gore to keep audiences wanting more. A terrific cast of Carly Elwes, Danny Glover, and Tobin Bell took a movie a lot of “experts” said would be a direct to DVD release into a huge box office smash. 

Thanks again for checking out my article and be sure to go to The Buzz for all your wrestling, sports, and entertainment needs. As mentioned above there is another Saw movie coming out called “Spiral” and you can check out that trailer below. Have a good and safe day everyone. 

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