A Muddy Matter Recap

As we cope with Jay’s departure from last week’s elimination against Leroy, we realize that Theresa may also be getting a strong dose of karma as she is now partnered with Cory who has yet to have a partner survive an elimination. MTV brings us back to the Challenge house with Huey Lewis and the News singing The Power of Love as we watch Kam and Leroy reunite to celebrate his victory. They start to discuss who should go in next and we learn Aneesa is working with them as well. It seems they want to target Theresa (the Cory curse strikes again) but the uncertainty if it will be a male or female elimination makes them take pause.

 Lolo and Nam continue to fight but CT pops his head in and tells them basically to get it together, which was stunning to say the least.  He is right though, none of the girls want Lolo to get a skull as she is a total beast but in the next room it seems Cory is very ready to go in to get his.  The guys seem to be hatching a plan to put Fessy against Josh, as they seem to be counting on Josh eliminating Fessy somehow, then the rest of them would be able to take the skull from Josh. Kyle wants to target Aneesa and Fessy since they blind sided him in an earlier episode. Amber B finds herself conflicted as she is in more than one alliance between the new girls and her original Big Brother crew.  One might suggest that she expect the unexpected here at the Challenge.

The daily challenge is announced and it is called All Brawl. Five Challengers at a time are going to rush into a mud pit where they will have to search for a challenge relic.  They will bring the relic to the finish line resulting in one winner per round and will make their way to phase two which remains a mystery at this time as well as what exactly the relic looks like. Heat 1 is Aneesa, Big T, Kam, Lolo and Nany who all sprint into what can only be described as a muddy pond at the events start. The girls start blindly digging around in the pond, its all very odd and slow moving. Nany eventually finds a relic, triumphantly thrusts it into the air then sprints toward the finish line, the other girls closing in on her. Lolo swan dives on top of Nany while Kam holds her down, all three women fighting for the relic. Big T gets in on the fun, distracting the girls enough for Lolo to grab the relic and launches herself into the air. Aneesa realizes she isn’t going to outrun an Olympic champion, so she tackles her instead. Nany picks up the relic and Aneesa yells at her to go while she holds back Lolo. Nany inexplicably throws the relic in the water which Kam easily picks up, runs to the finish line and wins the heat. She killed it. Lolo then announces she is ready to kill Aneesa as she takes Aneesa’s game play quite personally. It becomes a whole thing throughout the rest of the episode as Lolo explodes over having been ‘choked’ by Aneesa.  Aneesa appears unbothered, that’s the game after all, it is a physical competiton; but she does find Lolo to calm her down a day or two later, when she gets around to it.  

Heat 2 consists of Fessy, Josh, Kyle, Mechie, and Nam who all burst into the mud pond, some with the intention of looking for the relic, others with the intention of fighting the person who finds it. They search for awhile until we realize Nam has it and is holding it under the water, as he contemplates his next move, eyeing up the finish line.  He leaps up with a start and hops out of the pond, effortlessly crossing the finish line. The new strategy of faking out the other competitors is born.

Heat 3 lines up with Amber B, Amber M, Gabby, Kaycee and Theresa who appears more interested in getting physical with some of her new enemies than actually finding the relic. Theresa starts giggling or something because suddenly everyone seems to know she is holding it under the water.  She leaps up as Amber B reaches out to block her, toppling her into the water, face first which I imagine was unpleasant. The women tussle and Gabby sneaks up from behind the scrum to snatch the relic right out of Theresa hands, making her way to the finish line, and winning the heat.

Heat 4 brings the big guns with Cory, CT, Darrell, Devin, and Leroy who if we recall were the majority of the group who chose not to participate in last week’s challenge. Both Cory and CT are motivated to win so they can earn their chance at a gold skull. CT very obviously finds the relic and starts kicking it across the pond, not using his hands at all while claiming he is searching. Very suspish. The challengers on the sideline start calling this out and he absolutely denies it, even having Leroy ‘check’ his feet.  Once CT has a clear shot at the finish line he dips, grabs the relic from the water and jumps towards the shore, winning the heat.

TJ announces phase two is now a wrestling match where the competitors will have to hold onto the relic come hell or high water and be the first to get it to land. CT and Nam slow motion walk to the event and frankly they look about the same size, a fair wrestling match here could be pretty even. This is The Challenge though so fair may not be in the cards. The men stand in the middle of the pond, both gripping the relic. The horn sounds and they start to try to wrestle the relic away from the other. Nam actually pushes CT to the ground, who in turn flips Nam completely on his back, which is where he keeps him for the remainder of the match until he decides to rip the relic free and climb to freedom. Kam and Gabby then step up for their heat and but with Gabby just being lucky to be there, Kam wins easily. It almost looks like taking a toy away from a toddler who acknowledges they should not have had it in the first place.

TJ announces phase three is a sudden death round. The winners and their partners will now have to go again, against each other. The first team to win both rounds, male and female, will be the winners and this week’s Double Agents.  What a daily challenge! So many layers! The entire crowd expects this to go on all night as CT should easily best Kyle but Kam will easily best Big T. Kam and Big T line up in the middle of the mud pond holding the relic. Kam starts swinging Big T around then just sort of grabs the relic and walks off with it. It starts to rain just as CT and Kyle step up for their round. The music swells. Kyle seems to be holding his own as the men make their way to the side of the pond while both holding to the relic. Kyle comes up from underneath CT, loosens CT’s grip, and in complete surprise steps away holding the relic. Kam and Kyle win! Kyle starts laughing hysterically in his interview and Devin clues us in that CT probably made a deal with Kyle to win so they wouldn’t have to wrestle all night.

Dead or Alive’s Spin Round (Right Round)  comes on and you know the challengers are headed to the igloo for a covid free night out. Big T and CT toast to getting their gold skulls together as CT laments in an interview that he regrets not picking Kam when he had the chance.  He has decided he will ride out the rest of the game with Big T as his partner though and I am sure she is thrilled. Nany and Josh discuss that Nany wants to go in so guess what, they are going in. Josh says he will go in against a rookie team which comes as no surprise.  Why go for a challenge when there is a lay up afoot? Kyle starts politicking his way around the house to try and get the votes to send Fessy and Aneesa in as he is out for revenge against the team that blindsided him.

The challengers head to deliberation and first off Mechie says he does not want to go into elimination and Amber agrees. CT and Leroy mock them for thinking they get the right to choose. Leroy asks what other names are even an option and Amber says Aneesa and Fessy. The challengers laugh, then vote and we see Kam and Kyle discussing what had occurred before the names were revealed. Apparently Amber B pulled Kyle aside and asked him not to tell anyone who she voted for and then Amber M pulled Kyle aside and asked if he could tell her if Amber B specifically voted her in. In a very annoying move MTV does not show us who got voted in or who voted for them.

The challengers walk into the crater and line up to watch the elimination go down not having a single idea who would be going in. TJ announces it is Amber M and Mechie who got voted into elimination. Amber is pissed, assumes she was backstabbed and Mechie announces he wants his gold skull like TJ doesn’t know he previously announced he didn’t want to go in. Kyle states he is going to send Nany and Josh into the crater and frankly they look ready. Kam agrees and the match is set. TJ announces it is a male elimination so Josh and Mechie get ready to compete. The game is Asset Destruction 2 which is the same game we saw previously with the heavy crates filled with medicine balls intended to be thrown at a target. This time around, there is a puzzle added as well which must be completed first before the challengers get to the physical challenge.

Mechie and Josh line up at their puzzles and TJ blows the horn. Mechie confesses he is having trouble focusing on his puzzle while Josh seems to have little trouble and finishes his puzzle rather quickly. He rushes to his crate and essentially slides the crate over to him effortlessly, pulls over the crate in one fell swoop spilling the medicine balls all over the ground. Cue the Charlie Chaplin music, because at this point Josh can’t seem to get any of his medicine balls to go through the target. He repeatedly throws them at the target and with each ball that bounces off the target and back towards him, laughter ruffles through the crowd. With no end in sight on either side, Devin solves Mechie’s puzzle for him from the viewing booth and as if on cue, finally Josh gets a ball through the target.  Once he gets one the rest are quick to follow and he wins the elimination, earning his gold skull, sending Mechie home.

TJ congratulates Josh on his first elimination win which is the last available gold skull for the men. Form here on out, all future gold skulls will be have to be stolen from a competitor. TJ offers Josh the option to partner up with recently single Amber M, stick with his current partner Nany, or select any lady challenger from the viewing booth. Surprising no one, Josh sticks with Nany leaving Amber M as the rouge agent for this week. Kam gets amped up as she realizes her plan of getting Theresa out could be coming together as next week will surely be a female elimination week. Tune in next week for TJ’s favorite of all the challenges, trivia including dropping the losers in water.

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