AEW and NJPW Agree to Work Together

Breaking news to report coming out of the professional wrestling world today, AEW and NJPW have made it official and both companies have confirmed that they are now working together. What made such a relationship apparent is due to Kenta making a surprising appearance on last night’s AEW Dynamite when he attacked Jon Moxley.

Based on what’s been reported on and from what sources have said, the deal did not happen as fast as maybe both promotions would have liked.

Moxley is also the IWGP United States Champion and he recently attacked Kenta at the end of last week’s NWJP Strong show. The two are involved in an important feud right now. That’s where it seemed to help get things moving at a faster pace regarding AEW and NJPW making a decision to partner up. Because of COVID-19 Moxley could not make travel over to Japan. NJPW had already taped a match last December in the United States and from everyone’s understanding it will air and we know it will be later this month. 

So a deal definitely appears to be done between the two sides. Many have speculated that the current pandemic sped up talks when negotiating a deal. For NJPW the only way they could get Moxley was by having to make a deal with AEW. New Japan were surprised by how successful AEW would eventually become when they first launched as a wrestling company.

If you believe certain rumors, some speculate that New Japan wanted Tony Khan to come and meet with them and he supposedly did not see them. Another name who is mentioned in the discussion is Chris Harrington, from all accounts he was the AEW representative sent to meet with New Japan officials and The Young Bucks were in the office and were ready to make a deal. New Japan in a way big-leagued AEW.

After both organizations went their own ways, NJPW then realized that they needed Jon Moxley so it was obvious because he had the United States Title and NWJP got approval from Tony Khan. Now if the pandemic had not have happened then such a big deal would not have transpired due to Moxley being able to travel regularly and without the precautions and traveling restrictions. This begs the question, will we see more AEW stars in New Japan? Possibly and I have a feeling after watching Kenta show up AEW Dynamite, will see more NJPW stars come over and make a few appearances at least. But one thing to keep in mind is we’re still dealing with a pandemic, so that in itself still presents challenges for both companies going back to travel for all that talent.

Let me give you just a little personal opinion on the matter. We’ve probably seen a relationship of this magnitude coming for a while now. A lot of AEW and IMPACT Wrestling stars have connections with New Japan so it makes logical sense. I feel a working relationship with AEW and NJPW can only be beneficial for both in the longer scheme of things. They can capitalize on new opportunities, and even borrow with storylines that carry across all these promotions. Let’s not forget IMPACT here, cause we’re already seeing AEW and IMPACT teaming together.

What we all need to remember is all we do know right now is a deal has been made between AEW and NJPW and Moxley vs. Kenta, but other than that some of the reporting is just a rumor. 

Are you excited about AEW and NJPW teaming up? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment in our comment section below.

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