WWE Shot Down Renee Young’s Ideas

Renee Young, real name Rene Paquette, enjoyed much success as a broadcaster for WWE. Since she left the company, Renee has continued to excel at something that she loves and it shows. Now Renee has also launched her very own podcast titled Oral Sessions. The basis for the show is where she asks questions to people inside and outside of the wrestling business. These questions deal with their individual background and their own experiences.

As a guest on Justin Dhillon’s Casual Conversations show Renee would find herself being the one who was asked the questions. One was asking about the first Vince McMahon compliment she recieved, something everyone in the industry wants to get. Renee went into detail about the first time Vince paid her a compliment.

“I would say my very first night stepping in to do commentary when I was like I really had a f—ing attitude. I was like whatever they want me to do, I’ll just step in no skin off my back. If it works, it works and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I feel like everyone walked away from my first night doing a high-fiving feeling like hell yeah! That was really great,” Renee recalled that memory. “I feel good about it but to have Vince seem like he was really excited about it. He even congratulated me on it,” she said Vince tweeted about it, “like oh wow which is rare because he never sends out those tweets.” For her to get such a reaction from McMahon himself was super cool.

Renee went more in depth about her work with WWE and how she was involved with a lot of different projects on the WWE Network where she hosted her own show. That show was called Unfiltered with Renee Young. Let’s just say some of her ideas that she proposed to the company never made it onto the Network. In her own words none of these things got off the ground. “Yeah, tons of stuff. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do was bring back Tuesday Titans. I wanted to host it and I wanted Mean Gene to be my sidekick; that’s what I really, really wanted. We never shot a pilot or anything, it never really got any legs at all.” Renee explained, “it was something that I would have loved.”

Another passion Renee had was centered around cooking. She said, “I pitched a couple different food show ideas of things that I wanted to like some cooking alongside the wrestlers. Trying to get a podcast up and running which, I mean the pitches for those never really went too far anyways but, just like Unfiltered trying to expand that show, make it something else. Interview shows are something that I love to do, just being able to just to chat with people and hang out. Tuesday Night Titans was something I really wanted to do though.”

Renee has her own cookbook coming out this spring and is looking to get it published soon. She also talked about her husband Jon Moxley who is also working on his own book and is writing it himself. Renee discussed her husband’s upcoming book and mentioned that it will make for a most interesting read.

“I’ve been checking a lot of it out. He’s writing it himself. I know he’s so good at that because I said to him before like years, I was like if and when you decide to write a book, it’s going to be great. He’s such a good storyteller and he just gets his way with words. He can be a very eloquent speaker; his vocabulary always blows my mind and the way he retains information is like I can’t,” Renee stated. “My brain just doesn’t work like that so it blows my mind and when he’s like, ‘oh this happened in this town on this date and this happened. ‘He remembers stuff so clearly. It’s cool watching him go through the process as he’s figuring out like what this book even is because it’s not necessarily an autobiography, it’s kind of taking its own life and shape.”

Renee was asked the question regarding her status as a free agent lately and if she’ll join her husband Jon Moxley in AEW, and if her future plans will include pro-wrestling.

“I mean I wouldn’t say I’m trying to stay out of the wrestling world. I think that’s something that I’ll always be in and around which I love. I’m definitely not leaving wrestling,” Renee answered. “But I do think it’s nice for me right now kind of taking a bit of a breather and figuring out what it is that I actually want to do and where I want to go. If that means doing something in wrestling in some capacity. I’m of course open to the idea, open to opportunities.”

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