Top 5 New Orleans Saints of All Time

Hey, it’s Josh again and I’m back to give you another top 5 greatest players list. This time I will be doing my sister’s favorite team The New Orleans Saints. This was fun for me to research as I’m not familiar with the Saints history but this was fun to learn about. Be sure to check out my previous articles on The Buzz as we have you covered for all your sports, wrestling and entertainment needs. Time for talk is over, let’s jump into this top 5 list. 

Honorable Mentions

Eric Martin, Wide Receiver, (1985-1993)

Martin was the player who made the Saints offense work in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He wasn’t the fastest, strongest, or tallest receiver (listed at 6 feet 1, 207 pounds) but he succeeded in despite his smaller stature. His career receptions (532) and receiving yards (7,854) were franchise records that stood for decades along with his 48 touchdown receptions.

Deuce McAllister, RB, (2001-2009)

Deuce is easily the best running back in New Orleans Saints history and I expect that to remain the case for a long time. McAllister was a first-round pick by the New Orleans Saints in 2001 and filled the shoes left by former running back Ricky Williams following his trade to Miami. McAllister also holds the Saints record for most 100-yard games with 22, where the Saints went 14-8 in those games. 

Joe Horn, Wide Receiver, (2000-2006)

Horn ranked in the top ten in receptions (7th), yards (8th), and touchdowns (9th) that year. Given a starting role with the Saints, “Hollywood,” a nickname he picked up while with the Kansas City Chiefs for his particular style of dress and a name which carries to this day, quickly proved himself to be a premier NFL receiver.

5.) Marques Colston, Wide Receiver, (2006-2015)

Easily the best Wide Reciever in New Orleans Saints history. A 7th round pick Colston is not only one of the best value picks in New Orleans Saints history but NFL history as well. Colston was a soft-spoken leader and may have put up the quietest 711 receptions, 9,759 yards, and 72 touchdown catches in NFL history. Colston was a role model player and he was an easy choice for 5 on my list of the greatest Saints of all time. 

4.) Willie Roaf, Tackle, (1993-2001)

The 9 years that Roaf gave the Saints were highly decorated, to say the least. He notched seven straight Pro Bowl nods and was a two-time All-Pro as well. Roaf was a shutdown blocker at the most important position along the offensive line and gave the Saints real consistency on the left side for almost a decade. Roaf’s friendship and role as a mentor for Saints left tackle Terron Armstead has only done more to help build his legacy. Roaf was a beast and I enjoyed watching him in the later years of his career even know he wasn’t the same kind of player he was in the earlier years.

3.) Jahri Evans, Guard, (2006-2016)

Evans rose from obscurity (drafted in the fourth round out of Pennsylvania’s Bloomburg University) to represent the Saints in six consecutive Pro Bowls, with four appearances on the first-team All-Pro list to his credit. The guy was the definition of consistent which is all you can ask for from an offensive lineman. He was a rock-solid pass protector and vicious blocker on run plays. He is easily the best offensive lineman in Saint’s history.

2.) LB Rickey Jackson, Linebacker, (1981-1993)

Think of any defensive statistical category. Go ahead. Now read these stats and let them sink in. Forced fumbles? First, with 38. Recovered fumbles? Again topping the list with 27. Sacks? It’s not even close, with 115 career takedowns to his credit. Jackson was a six-time Pro Bowler. He was considered the best Saint of all time until some other guy came along. That takes me to number one.

1.) Drew Brees, Quarterback, (2006-Present)

His comeback from a possible career-ending injury and leading the Saints to a Super Bowl win post-Hurricane Katrina let alone makes Drew Brees one of the greatest Saints of all time. His all-time great accuracy and prolific passing numbers can be put up against anyone else who’s ever spun a football. There’s hardly a record out there he hasn’t held at some point in his Saints career. Drew Brees will go down as the greatest Saint ever and one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

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