Michael Jordan | Top 10 Career Highlights

Today, the greatest basketball player of all-time turns 58 years old and no I’m not talking about Lebron James. I am talking about the one and only – Michael Jordan. Jordan is the most accomplished basketball player of all-time. Are you ready for his list of accomplishments? Ok, here we go: Rookie of the Year; Five-time NBA MVP; Six-time NBA champion; Six-time NBA Finals MVP; Ten-time All-NBA First Team; Nine time NBA All-Defensive First Team; Defensive Player of the Year; 14-time NBA All-Star; Three-time NBA All-Star MVP; 50th Anniversary All-Time Team; Ten scoring titles — an NBA record and seven consecutive matching Wilt Chamberlain; Retired with the NBA’s highest scoring average of 30.1ppg; Hall of Fame inductee. Impressed yet? The guy is 6 for 6 in the NBA Finals with 6 MVP’s what else do you want to know? So in honor of his birthday I’m going to give you my top 10 Michael Jordan career highlights of all-time. Let’s get to it.

10.) 69-pt Game – 1990 vs Cleveland Cavaliers

9.) The Double-Nickel – 1995 vs New York Knicks

8.) 51 points at Age 38 – 2002 vs Charlotte Hornets

7.) The Showdown: 1993 NBA Finals Game 4 vs Phoenix Suns

6.) A Spectacular Move – Game 2, 1991 NBA Finals vs Los Angeles Lakers

5.) The Shrug – Game 1, 1992 NBA Finals vs Portland Trail Blazers

4.) The Flu Game – Game 5, 1997 NBA Finals vs Utah Jazz

3.) NBA Playoff Record 63-pt Game – Eastern Conference Playoffs First Round vs Boston Celtics

2.) The Shot – Game 5, 1989 Eastern Conference First Round vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

1.) The Last Shot – Game 6, 1998 NBA Finals vs Utah Jazz

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