2021 NCAA Men’s March Madness Prediction

Hi, I am here to give you my Men’s Ncaa tournament prediction for this year. You can follow me on Twitter @aaron_truesdale. Who will be the National Champions?

Play In Games

(16) Norfolk St. vs. (16) Appalachian St.

Winner: Norfolk St.

(11) Wichita St. vs. (11) Drake

Winner: Drake

(16) Mount Saint Marys vs. (16) Texas Southern

Winner: Texas Southern

(11) Michigan St. vs. (11) Ucla

Winner: Michigan St.

West Region: First Round

(1) Gonzaga vs. (16) Norfolk St.

Winner: Gonzaga

(8) Oklahoma vs. (9) Missouri

Winner: Oklahoma

(5) Creighton vs. (12) UC Santa Barbara

Winner: UC Santa Barbara

(4) Virginia vs. (13) Ohio

Winner: Virginia

(6) Usc vs. (11) Drake

Winner: Drake

(3) Kansas vs. (14) Eastern Washington

Winner: Kansas

(7) Oregon vs. (10) Vcu

Winner: Oregon

(2) Iowa vs. (15) Grand Canyon

Winner: Iowa

West Region: Quarterfinals

(1) Gonzaga vs. (8) Oklahoma

Winner: Gonzaga

(12) UC Santa Barbara vs. (4) Virginia

Winner: Virginia

(11) Drake vs. (3) Kansas

Winner: Kansas

(7) Oregon vs. (2) Iowa

Winner: Oregon

West Region: Semifinals

(1) Gonzaga vs. (4) Virginia

Winner: Gonzaga

(3) Kansas vs. (7) Oregon

Winner: Kansas

West Region: Finals

(1) Gonzaga vs. (3) Kansas

Winner: Gonzaga

East Region: First Round

(1) Michigan vs. (16) Texas Southern

Winner: Michigan

(8) LSU vs. (9) Saint Bonaventure

Winner: LSU

(5) Colorado vs. (12) Georgetown

Winner: Colorado

(4) Flordia St. vs. (13) Unc Greensboro

Winner: Florida St.

(6) BYU vs. (11) Michigan St.

Winner: BYU

(3) Texas vs. (14) Abilene Christian

Winner: Abilene Christian

(7) Connecticut vs. (10) Maryland

Winner: Maryland

(2) Alabama vs. (15) Iona

Winner: Alabama

East Region: Quarterfinals

(1) Michigan vs. (8) Lsu

Winner: Michigan

(5) Colorado vs. (4) Florida St.

Winner: Florida St.

(6) BYU vs. (14) Abilene Christian

Winner: BYU

(10) Maryland vs. (2) Alabama

Winner: Alabama

East Region: Semifinals

(1) Michigan vs. (4) Florida St.

Winner: Michigan

(6) Byu vs. (2) Alabama

Winner: Alabama

East Region: Finals

(1) Michigan vs. (2) Alabama

Winner: Michigan

South Region: First Round

(1) Baylor vs. (16) Hartford

Winner: Baylor

(8) North Carolina vs. (9) Wisconsin

Winner: North Carolina

(5) Villnova vs. (12) Winthrop

Winner: Winthrop

(4) Purdue vs. (13) North Texas

Winner: Purdue

(6) Texas Tech vs. (11) Utah St.

Winner: Utah St.

(3) Arkansas vs. (14) Colgate

Winner: Arkansas

(7) Flordia vs. (10) Virginia Tech

Winner: Florida

(2) Ohio St. vs. (15) Oral Roberts

Winner: Ohio St.

South Region: Quarterfinals

(1) Baylor vs. (8) North Carolina

Winner: Baylor

(12) Winthrop vs. (4) Purdue

Winner: Winthrop

(11) Utah St. vs. (3) Arkansas

Winner: Arkansas

(7) Florida vs. (2) Ohio St.

Winner: Ohio St.

South Region: Semifinals

(1) Baylor vs. (12) Winthrop

Winner: Baylor

(3) Arkansas vs. (2) Ohio St.

Winner: Ohio St.

South Region: Finals

(1) Baylor vs. (2) Ohio St.

Winner: Baylor

Midwest Region: First Round

(1) Illinois vs. (16) Drexel

Winner: Illinois

(8) Loyola Chicago vs. (9) Georgia Tech

Winner: Loyola Chicago

(5) Tennessee vs. (12) Oregon St.

Winner: Tennessee

(4) Oklahoma St. vs. (13) Liberty

Winner: Liberty

(6) San Deigo St. vs. (11) Syracuse

Winner: San Diego St.

(3) West Virginia vs. (14) Morehead St.

Winner: West Virginia

(7) Clemson vs. (10) Rutgers

Winner: Rutgers

(2) Houston vs. (15) Cleveland St.

Winner: Houston

Midwest Region: Quarterfinals

(1) Illinois vs. (8) Loyola Chicago

Winner: Loyola Chicago

(5) Tennessee vs. (13) Liberty

Winner: Tennessee

(6) San Deigo St. vs. (3) West Virginia

Winner: San Diego St.

(10) Rutgers vs. (2) Houston

Winner: Houston

Midwest Region: Semifinals

(8) Loyola Chicago vs. (5) Tennessee

Winner: Loyola Chicago

(6) San Diego St. vs. (2) Houston

Winner: Houston

Midwest Region: Finals

(8) Loyola Chicago vs. (2) Houston

Winner: Houston

Final Four:

(1) Gonzaga vs. (1) Michigan

Winner: Michigan

(1) Baylor vs. (2) Houston

Winner: Baylor

National Championship Game

(1) Michigan 75 vs. (1) Baylor 66

Winner: Michigan

National Champion:


Please Comment to let me know what you think about my Bracket. Feel free to share your Brackets and predictions with me I would love to see them.

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