WWE NXT | A Pro-Wrestling Territory

The problem with today’s modern day representation of what we know as professional wrestling today. A lot of it has to do with inexperience and a lack of proper training and basic fundamentals. See back in the era of wrestling territories many of the wrestlers had steady places to work and improve on their individual craft that went for a singles competitor and tag-team competitor both men and women also.

One of the few bright spots that I’ve witnessed from viewing wrestling today is WWE NXT. To me this is the wrestling territory that has grown into a recognized television brand within WWE. Let me explain, Triple H had a vision for what he perceived the product should be and he learned from some of the absolute best ever in the industry. We often hear of him wanting to be a part of creative meetings and contributing with ideas concerning certain talents who he saw as big main-stream stars similar to the way Vince McMahon did before him. But, Triple H also knew there was a demand not just a need to help younger stars breaking into the business but they had to have a place where these individuals could go to get trained and polish their in-ring skills.

He realized WWE had to shift direction with how the company utilized its training process to have an opportunity to create young, fresh and more new superstars not only for NXT, however for Raw and Smackdown both. Men and women who were coming in from the indies had to learn a style that they themselves weren’t accustomed to. What Danny Davis and Jim Cornette had accomplished at OVW was nothing short than amazing. Think of all those top stars who began their careers or at least developed them there prior to being called up back then to the main roster for WWE. Ohio Valley Wrestling should be credited for being a catalyst for FCW and what came of that NXT, a brand which stood out as the next generation of superstars concerning pro-wrestling, well WWE refers to it as sports-entertainment. 

How NXT And Triple H Saved WWE From A Bleak Future - GameSpot

Triple H took the advice from Pat Patterson, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and William Regal and Shawn Michaels later on as far as technique, fundamentals meaning the basics of what to do. Having trainers such as Matt Bloom and so many other notable wrestlers so all of them can teach and be a mentor to all these classes of students at the WWE Performance Center. I can’t tell you how many times having a discussion with fans and people who wrestle it seems to always go back to WWE NXT. It should be every wrestler’s first destination to get down the basic WWE style and fundamentals down on their route to either Raw or Smackdown

Here’s something to remember: we have already seen many main-roster WWE stars go back home to NXT where at their WWE careers and journey began and pick right up where they left off. If you’ve watched WWE and WWE NXT then you know some of the big stars who have become successful thanks to NXT. It’s amazing how you can just look at WWE NXT and the Performance Center and how it operates and see how great this whole brand is and why. In my opinion, WWE NXT is the premiere brand in professional wrestling currently.

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