The First Dance | Top 10

When it comes to traditional weddings, couples always tend to find a way to express their feelings and emotions through song. Though I’ve never experienced “the first dance” myself, I do have over 15 years of experience in the music industry having had the honor to deejay many weddings. Most often, the couples usually have their song chosen ahead of time – from the song that may have been playing when they met, their first dance as a couple, or a song that simply puts their feelings towards one another into perspective. However, there have been cases where I have been tasked with choosing a song that was unique but meaningful based on me getting to know the couple leading up to their big day and I’ve yet to have one complaint!

I touched base on tradition and the biggest aspect that has changed when it comes to traditional wedding discussions is that what was once a symbol of unity between a man and a woman is now a symbol of unity between any two persons.

I’d like to start it off with a song that isn’t the typical slow-paced song, but the lyrics and upbeat tempo make it one you simply cannot ignore. Bruno Mars is a hell of an artist and is credited with this honorable mention with his hit song, “Marry You”.

So if and when my day were to come – I think I’ll be pretty well-prepared when it comes to the music. Though a lot of the “typical” first dance songs are incredible, I tend to steer clear and find songs with deeper meaning and less mainstream that speak volumes. However, for all intents and purposes, I’ve mixed it up here so people can relate. This could have easily been a Top 100 all-time list but I decided to narrow it down to 10 because it’s not as easy as you might think.

So if you’re out there looking for your song or simply want to share what yours was, be sure to comment below!

10 | From This Moment On – Shania Twain ft. Bryan White

Although Shania’s original is beautiful in itself, the duet performed alongside Bryan White speaks volumes as it tells a story through the eyes of both individuals towards one another.

9 | I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

This is one that will forever be featured on any Top 10 “first dance” or “wedding song” list because it simply tells it as it is. This is essentially wedding vows put into song.

8 | All My Life – K-Ci & JoJo

Definitely an oldie but a goodie. This is one you can’t go wrong with as the two belt the lyrics out in this classic R&B track that was first released to airplay in December of 1997.

7 | The One – Daniel Bedingfield

Released in November of 2002, Daniel Bedingfield’s “The One” was an instant hit when it came to wedding songs as it shows a more vulnerable sensitive side to a man figuratively chasing his person and wanting the moment to last forever.

6 | I’ll Be – Edwin McCain

Edwin McCain released this song in 1998, and although becoming a popular wedding song, McCain said it was really more of a prayer written in a moment of personal desperation after a break-up, the idea being that maybe if he wrote his future, it would come true.

5 | Better Half of Me – Tom Walker

This sways away from the more common, traditional songs but the words will keep things on track – I promise. Tom Walker’s voice in this 2019 release will make you realize why this song is on this list.

4 | All Of Me – John Legend

John Legend says it all so perfectly in this song dedicated to his then-fiancée, now wife, model, Chrissy Teigen that was released in 2013.

3 | A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

This beautiful song says it all and it’s definitely one that will bring you to tears when you listen to the profound lyrics sung by the talented Christina Perri. The song is famously known for being the second single in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

2 | I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione) ft. Anastacia

This is for the Italian/English couples who want to find that song that says it all in both languages through the incredible voices of an Italian icon and Chicago-born, Anastacia – who has done several collaborations with well-known artists over the years.

1 | Perfect – Ed Sheeran

As titled, this song is exactly that – it’s perfect. Once again, in addition to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” at No.1, as an Italian-Canadian, I have to admit that the version ft. Andrea Bocelli definitely trumps the original for those who may wish to incorporate an English/Italian song into the mix. You can check that one out below the original.

So there you have them. My Top 10 First Dance songs. Did your song make this list? Or do you have a song that you feel should be in the Top 10? I know, there are Bon Jovi songs that could easily crack the list or other songs by more famous artists. But this is why Top 10s are fun – they’re meant to create discussion. So, let me hear it!

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