What’s Buzzin’? | Oct 3 – Oct 9

Hey Buzz Fans! There is so much going on at The Buzz each week and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of it. Did you miss a podcast this week? No problem – we’ve got you covered!

Regularly Scheduled Hostilities Episode 113: WWE Draft Fallout

In this week’s episode of RSH, the crew broke down the past week’s WWE Draft. Which brand had the best draft? The crew gave their thoughts plus their top 5 draft picks of all time and top 5 worst draft picks of all time. This was a fun episode, make sure to check it out!

Whiskey Cinema | Top 5 Horror Movies

Last week, the boys looked at fun Halloween movies, this week, Dano and Brandon got into their top 5 horror movies from the last 5 years. Check it out!

Hysteria Hour | Are We Alone?

Are we really alone? A question that billions of people have been trying to figure out for centuries. There are over 7 billion people on earth, plus millions of other creatures both on land and in the sea. But are there other life forms on different planets? Host Alex and special guest Ben from #ParanormalAxetivities discussed all the #Hysteria surrounding everything extraterrestrial. Check it out as they dove into all the theories and dark stories surrounding one of the biggest mysteries ever.

Working Fans Podcast | Episode 46: Favorite Live Wrestling Experiences

This week AJ Strangebrew and The Man They Call Dave talked about their favorite live wrestling experiences plus the week’s top 5 wrestling stories.

There’s your weekly recap! Be sure to check us out on LinkTree and to subscribe, give us a follow, like, share – you know the drill! Oh! And check out our new live show schedule!

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