What Thanksgiving Means to Me

Thanksgiving once again has come and past and this is a time that most people sit back and look at what they are thankful for and reflect. Regardless of when you read this I want this to make a difference in your line of thinking. This is also a time that people dread because of lack of friends, family or other various reasons. The world we live in today, let’s be honest, is in very bad shape. It’s hard at times to be happy or positive and I for sure understand that. I consider myself one of those people. Personally, it’s easier for me to blame or deflect blame onto other people for why things don’t go my way than to take responsibility for myself. The point I’m trying to make is, in order to improve yourself and live a happier life you need to understand the things that are important. Basically, the things in your life that make you happy. This time of year I always start to reflect on the past year. I think about the positives, negatives and all that I wish I could go back and fix. The year of 2021 will go down as one of the worst in history not just for me. We are still in the middle of a national pandemic where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives, homes, businesses and hope. Hope is key. What is hope? Hope is what you should have waking up each morning and being confident that each day will be a good day and what you are doing is right and will bring you happiness. This is where Thanksgiving comes into play. I know what you all are already thinking. Why am I listening to this guy just ramble? There is a point to this and this is it. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect and reflecting is a great thing to do. But, I want you all to understand what being thankful REALLY means, to me at least. 

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In life we take a lot of things for granted whether it be family, friends, our jobs, food, water, shelter or whatever else. These are things that you really don’t recognize are valuable until they’re gone. I’ve experienced that first hand. It’s a shame that most of the time I see my family, outside of my mom, dad and sister, is when we are going to a funeral or the hospital because someone is either dead or ill. Be thankful for your family, they are the most important thing in this life to you. If you are in one of those positions where you don’t get along with a family member I encourage you to try, try, and try again to show them how important they are to you. Life is way too short and you will end up regretting it once that member passes on and regret isn’t something you want to live with. For example, I complain about my job at least 300 times a week it seems. Hell I left my good job and went to one that treated me like crap and lost a few months pay and now I am not as stable financially as I need to be. Being able to go to work and make money to provide for myself is something I will never ever take for granted again. The ability to go see my family is another thing. I wasn’t about to go over and see my family on weekends like I normally do and that hurt. It makes you think what life would be like if you were never able to see them again. It’s a scary thought. When I first had the symptoms of COVID-19 last year, I honestly thought I was going to die. I laid in my bed with the chills, my heart racing and a headache so bad I could barely lift my head off of my pillow. I lie there and all I could think of is things I regret. I’m 31 years old and my priorities are all over the place. I don’t spend time with family like I should. I don’t treat people well at times and act like a selfish a$$ hole. I haven’t accomplished stuff in life that I want to and I feel outside of my family if I were to die it would make no impact on people outside of my family. It’s not I want to die in a blaze of glory but I want to make an impact on this world, a positive one, before I pass on. I have failed to do that. At times I’ve failed as a friend, son and man. These are the things people really need to focus on when reflecting. I am going to take the next step of my life and improve as a person, friend and man. I’m going to do what I can to make this world a better place and have a positive effect on people around me. Live your best life is what they say right? I plan to start doing that. 

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Yep, that’s me alone just walking. But to get get back to my point. It’s hard right? Life is hard. This Thanksgiving as I was sitting around the table I approached everything different. The uncle that drives you nuts every year and you can’t wait until he eats so he can go home, what if this is the last Thanksgiving you have with him. I took advantage of the time I had with him today. We all have those family members though right? We all have things in life that we dislike or even “hate”. My advice is sit back and reflect and ask yourself this: Am I really doing enough to be the best person I can be? Instead of poking fun at people struggling, is there some way I can help them instead? Can I be a better son, mother, father, cousin or whatever. Life is short WAY too short and the chances are you don’t realize you have until it’s gone. This year hasn’t been the best for many people and it hasn’t really been in our control. There is one thing in your control and that’s you. Be the best person you can be. Encourage, motivate and show love for the close ones around you and always be there for them. Help make this world a better and more positive place because trust me we need it. I have been the absolute worst at this! I fell for a girl that wasn’t worth my effort. I have hurt friends that didn’t deserve it. I have been hurt by friends and can’t find the strength to forgive them. I have watched friends do stupid $hit and not be able to help. LIFE IS HARD. You should only worry about what you can control. Remember it’s okay to not be okay and you need to rely on your support system. That’s why they are there. I got a lot to work on. Make this the time to take a new approach and make this a critical time in your life where you make a change for the better in your life whatever that is. Sit down for dinner, smile, laugh, watch football or do whatever activity your family does. I hope this helps and if you have any comments please put them at the bottom of the page and I’ll for sure read them. Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving and holidays everyone. Let’s make 2022 a better year and make it a better world.

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