NFL Week 14 | Picks & Predictions

This is a boring slate of games, man oh man. Fresh off an 11-3 week improving my record to 121-72-1 I feel great coming down the final stretch of the season. But as I stated, this is a bad slate of games so I might not be as elaborate in my reasoning for my picksContinue reading “NFL Week 14 | Picks & Predictions”

Josh’s Jams | Week of December 5th

We are into December and we are inching closer to Christmas. It’s the time of year I normally am happy and looking forward to the holidays but this year is different. I am leaning on my friends and family to help get me in the mood for the holidays. This segment of #JoshsJams, as usual,Continue reading “Josh’s Jams | Week of December 5th”

NFL Week 11 | Picks & Predictions

Fresh off of a 7-6-1 week which makes my record for the year 94-55-1. I go into this week hoping to finish the second half of the season strong. For those of you who haven’t already go over and check out my NFL Mid-season Awards article where I gave my insight on current award winnersContinue reading “NFL Week 11 | Picks & Predictions”