WWE’s Plans for The Return of Charlotte and Andrade

Based on the rumored reports that have been circulating the internet recently, many websites are claiming to know what WWE’s creative plans were for one of its top superstars in Charlotte Flair. Many believe the idea for Charlotte was to pair her with her real life fiancé and fellow WWE star Andrade. The “Queen” has been off television for the company since June due to taking an extended amount of time off due to surgery and the rumor going around was that Flair could return as soon in January in time for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

However another website had reported that there had been talks of pairing Charlotte with Andrade, the real-life couple, when they both come back to WWE. Apparently those plans have changed, but the interesting part about this whole scenario is the fact that the idea did not even get pitched to Charlotte herself. Also it is believed Flair insisted on long-term planning of her story line being already laid out. That’s all according to this report.

The plans for Andrade seem to be completely different and separate from what the WWE wants for Charlotte. Andrade made a self-produced video which was released last week saying he must rebuild himself in WWE. Charlotte was last seen on WWE TV dating back to the June 22nd episode of Raw, where we saw Nia Jax break Flair’s collarbone in an attack backstage all in story line. 

Charlotte and Andrade will return to WWE without missing a beat. Two tremendously gifted wrestlers in the ring. Coming from purely a fan’s perspective, I’m hopeful for great creativity for them both. Hear me out, that’s not a knock or criticism of WWE. I honestly believe they will have good story lines if not great ones for one of their top draws and stars in Charlotte and for a guy in Andrade that has been established. Just look at his family’s pedigree in lucha-libre going back to his home country of Mexico. I can’t wait to see what Charlotte and Andrade are going to do when they make their long-awaited return to WWE and it’s television.

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