Devil’s Advocate | Colby Made The Right Move

Hey BuzzFans, so we got the news this weekend that Colby Covington DID in fact turn down the fight with Leon Edwards that UFC Figurehead Dana White was so eager to push. Now I have already asked in previous articles, just what exactly happened to the Masvidal/Covington fight?

After Colby smashed Tyron Woodley he called out Jorge Masvidal in the post fight press conference, and Dana White seemed to co-sign saying that it was in fact the fight to make…fast forward months later and the fight has fallen off the face of the planet. Now apparently Colby is the odd man out, which in my eyes is truly unjust. In a recent interview with submission radio, Colby had stated that he was in the Championship business and not the charity business, and just because Leon chose not to fight for almost a year and a half, and just because the Khamzat fight has fallen apart three times now, why should Colby be the one to step in on short notice, and take a fight that really doesn’t progress him in the rankings?

It would appear that Jorge Masvidal is getting to call his shots with the UFC, and it seems as if Dana is going to make the rematch with Usman in the near future. So my question for you guys is, what’s next for Colby Covington? Is he going to wait all year for Usman to fight again, which will probably be in the month of July, then go another eight weeks for camp, then fight for a belt? Or does the UFC put his feet to the fire and make him fight maybe a Gilbert Burns, or a Stephen Thompson?

As much as I hate Colby not fighting, I have to say that I agree with him not taking the Edwards fight, he literally stands to gain nothing from winning the fight. He wins, he’s beaten a guy who hasn’t fought in almost two years, and you already know how it would go if by some chance he actually lost. So why take that fight? My question, is the UFC going to keep rewarding guys like Jorge Masvidal, who continuously prices himself out of fights, is apparently hard to make fights for (almost as difficult as a Diaz brother) and give this guy ANOTHER opportunity to win a belt that his rankings don’t say that he is in line for?

It would appear to me that the UFC does not consider Covington a high marquee name, and appear not to mind keeping him on the backburner. But my question is, how much longer will Colby Covington continue to be misused in the UFC and will he possibly take his brand to another company? Give me your thoughts??

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