Finn Balor and Kyle O’ Reilly Injured at New Year’s Evil

WWE NXT was looking to start the new year of 2021 by having a star-studded matchups on Wednesday night January 6th on the USA Network. Not only did Damian Priest battle Karrion Kross and Rhea Ripley faced off against Raquel Gonzalez in a clash of titans, but they capped off this special episode of NXT with having a rematch from NXT Takeover 31 in a unforgettable hard-hitting affair that saw “The Prince” NXT Champion taking on Number 1 contender Kyle O’Reilly in a main-event for the Title.

Last night we witnessed Balor defeat O’Reilly to retain the NXT Championship, also he has beaten O’Reilly twice now. It’s exactly what fans thought it would be an absolute vicious clinic for the black and gold brand’s most prestigious prize, the title. Viewers saw a match that lasted over seventeen minutes, with no commercial breaks. Balor was busted open and bled from his head as the match had been finishing up. The Champion’s strategy had him targeting O’Reilly’s jaw. Remember this would be payback for the Undisputed member who broke Balor’s jaw putting him on the shelf for a while. Which was unfortunate and Balor had surgery to repair it, O’Reilly’s game plan was to work over Balor’s arm.

Based on what transpired during this war, medics checked on both men’s condition afterwards. WWE did not take long to make an official announcement concerning the situation, saying both wrestlers were taken to a local hospital as soon as their New Year’s Evil show went off the air. O’Reilly is receiving x-rays of his jaw and Balor is getting his arm looked at. 

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Balor and O’Reilly even if they move on to other opponents. We will see another match soon between two of professional wrestling’s best. Kyle O’Reilly will be an NXT Champion one day. WWE NXT continues to prove why they are the hottest brand on TV right now and have been before when they were exclusive to just the WWE Network. 

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