The New Normal

Everything is changing and I dont feel the same. The world as we know it has changed, thanks to the global pandemic we are currently experiencing. The way we think, communicate and act have all been altered. So is there anyway we can go back to ‘normality’?

The whole idea of ‘normality’ has changed dramatically over the years, due to the effects of having an online presence. Verbal communication and interaction has taken a step back, becoming an afterthought for many.

No longer do children rush home to get changed and go out with friends, instead they rush home to turn on their Playstation/Xbox and socialize virtually. But at this very point in time, is that idea, that moral concept, saving their families lives?

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With the UK in our third ‘lockdown’, and I use that term loosely as many of the original lockdown rules are not applied. The question has been raised as to how long will people have to fear the outside and social interaction? Is this our new reality and will this generation ever feel 100% comfortable living a normal lifestyle?

The vaccine has started to be introduced to the population but with the slow rate of doses being handed out and the tier system of who gets the first application, it could be years before the final section of people end up with their jab.

The poorer countries, that are unable to afford these vaccines are left to try and deal with the virus in other ways, will they become boycotted due to the fear of the virus?

The virus itself may disappear, it might be eradicated and we may never here the words Coronavirus or Covid-19 ever again. But the lasting damage it has done to our thoughts, our way of live is something that can’t ever be fully amended. Yes, some people will feel that this virus hasn’t affected the way they think or act, until you realise that you are questioning things that you never even thought of before this pandemic struck.

Things like blowing out candles on a cake at a birthday party, will be questioned as who wants to eat a cake that someone has breathed on? Walking around a shop without a face mask, is something that seems unthinkable and unsafe even though we did it for years.

A dentist created a cake shield to protect birthday guests from germs

Meet ups and parties will be questioned, with social gatherings being one of the things that has been stripped from us over the past year.

Our social media and online presence has become more powerful and more necessary than ever to feel like we are living a normal life. However, our physical presence has been damaged forever.

You might be wondering why I decided to write this article and why I feel like this is something that will never be reversed? Because to me and my mind set, the world will never be the same again. Everything has changed, the world has got a little smaller, a little darker, and a lot harder. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy what we have now.

Be stupid, film a stupid video and post it to TikTok, go online and join in conversations with people you never knew existed. Ignore the horrible trolls and comments that can appear online, because in the world we live in now, it should be about enjoying what we have. Sometimes you need to add your happiness to the world!

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