A Letter to Wrestling Fans

Dear Wrestling Fans,

My name is Josh and I have been a life long wrestling fan since the age of 5. To this day, I take in ten plus hours of wrestling a week and find myself engaging in debate with many of my friends and many people on various types of social media platforms. Most of you don’t know me and why should you? I’m just a normal guy who loves professional wrestling and is known for getting very animated and heated about it at times. But as a community there is one thing that over the last 48 hours I have seen. It gives me great hope for what, at this time, is one of the more troubling things about wrestling fans as a whole.

R.I.P Brodie Lee || Jon Huber (Luke Harper) Passes Away At 41 - YouTube

As most of us are aware by now, Jon Huber (aka Brodie Lee, Luke Harper) passed away the other day as the year of 2020 took another member of the wrestling family. Jon was a very talented performer and as you can see on hundreds of social media accounts of friends, the impact Jon had on his friends and peers was one to note. This is truly a sad time for the wrestling community and a time where we should come together; and WE HAVE. Why is this such a big deal? It goes back to what I said earlier about the one troubling thing we as wrestling fans have. Hate, anger, criticism, and just relentless trolling – all things today’s wrestling fans show, especially on social media. We complain about damn near everything – lets be honest. We get a booking – we disagree with it. A wrestler gets a push – we disagree with it. A wrestler doesn’t get the push we think is deserved – we disagree with that too. Whatever the case, we become very divided most of the time.

The whole AEW vs WWE thing for example. Once Bryan Alvarez tweets out the ratings each Thursday afternoon/evening, all you see in the comments is insults, criticism, hatred, and at times even insulting things said between fans. Fans taking shots at each other because they like one show over the other and vice versa. I am a person who has been that person. I wasn’t the biggest fan of AEW and I can’t claim that I really am to this day. But when I think back on the way I behaved at times toward people I considered friends over something that is supposed to be fun and entertaining is embarrassing to me. WWE superstar MVP’s tweet you can see above says it all. It’s 100 percent certain and it’s a real shame. The fact that we have all these platforms of wrestling to watch is a blessing and instead of attacking one another because we don’t watch the same views or like the same companies is no reason to be hurtful to one another. I do a weekly podcast called Regularly Scheduled Hostilities with one of my best friends and my little sister and in the past I have been this person. I go way over the top and over react to certain things. Most of the time its because I’m very passionate about pro wrestling and I want it to do better and be around forever. I have worked hard to better myself with how to act more maturely. I scroll Twitter each day and I see all the hateful things that wrestling fans say to each other and I had no hope that is was going to ever get better, until yesterday.

AEW Comments On WWE's Brodie Lee Tribute - Gist Vile

The fact that it takes something this tragic to get people to think clearly is beyond me. But the fact that over the last 48 hours you see AEW and WWE both coming together to celebrate the life of Jon just shows what is really important in life. The reality of life is, things get busy and everyone has things going on so it’s easy to lose focus on the basic things in life. For example, treat people with respect. Jon did. Look at all the messages and posts on social media about him. He was a fantastic guy, great husband and loving father. The guy loved professional wrestling and was a great friend to everyone he came in contact with. The reality is that’s how all these men and women are. They love professional wrestling and performing for us (the fans) and that’s why they put their family life on hold and put their bodies on the line every single week. This is something us as a community should appreciate more. Instead of belittling each other for things how about we embrace each other and try to see the others point of view. The wrestling community over any other, has the most passionate fans in the world but its not always expressed in the right way. Erase the hate and lets making wrestling fun again. Channel your inner Jon Huber and be good and respectful to one another. Whether its a person on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a person at the store or a person at a live event be respectful. At the end of the day we are all here for the same reason and at the end of what has been a challenging year for everyone we need to end this on a high note. Remember the good times and leave the bad in the past and lets move forward together as a united community. I don’t know about you but I damn near live professional wrestling. Between the over 10 hours of content I watch, the amount of hours I spend listening to the Busted Open Podcast and the time I talk to friends about wrestling it takes up a good portion of my life. I know this rings true for a lot of you as well, so let’s take this tragedy and try to take a message Jon left with everyone and take it into the future.

It’s Monday. You know what that means.

What does it mean to me? Time to be a better person, friend, son, and brother. Time to show people respect, time to be nicer to people and time to help make the wrestling community one. We have shown that we are stronger together and incidents like this show what is truly important in life. Lets be smart enough to remember these things and lets not have it take a tragedy like this to make us sit down and think “Damn life’s too short.” Yes it is so lets do our best to make it the best and most enjoyable life we can. I want to thank the people who read this and I hope it made some sense to you and made you think a little bit. I will continue to be a passionate wrestling fan but I will show it in a respectful way. I hope the rest of you do the same because as I have said many times – WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.

Your Friend,


Published by Josh DeBord

Creator of RSH which is a show where me my sister Yvonne DeBord and best friend Chuck Winchester break down everything to do with professional wrestling each week. We are highly opinionated and it's never a dull moment. I write things sometimes too.

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